The 5 Myths of Mobile BPM

It has happened thousands of times now in corporate IT.  An executive walks into the IT department carrying his shiny new iPad and asks how to access all his important business systems from the device.  Tomorrow, Apple will announce the iPad 3, and yet, many IT departments are still struggling to support these new generation of mobile devices beyond simple email and calendar functionality.

Mobile Questions

As mobile devices have rapidly evolved, a number of myths about capabilities and implementation concerns have evolved.  But, while there are many challenges, the need to support these mobile devices has now become a mandate.  What once was a lone executive asking for iPad support is now an uprising of the masses asking to support a myriad of platforms and devices.  IT can no longer ignore the trend and must start fundamentally changing the way applications are developed, data is secured, and services are delivered to support this new mobile workforce.

Appian has recognized this mobile trend for many years and has worked to provide the tools necessary to rapidly enable the mobile enterprise.  We deliver IT tools exclusively for enterprise business systems and identified that enterprise mobile use cases share three key requirements:  Secure mobile access to:  information to drive intelligent business decisions, key business processes, and collaboration with other constituents.

In an upcoming webinar, I will be highlighting 5 common myths of mobile BPM, with a focus on mobile data security, platform development, unique device capabilities and use cases. In addition, I will walk through a demonstration of the Appian BPM platform that rapidly enables access to enterprise business process, data, and collaboration on every major mobile device.  We hope you can join us for this informative webinar on mobile enabling your critical business processes.

“The 5 Myths of Mobile BPM” webinar is scheduled for next Thursday, March 15th, at Noon EST.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing