Appian World 2014 Spotlight: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Appian World 2014 is approaching fast. With input and participation from the Appian community, the agenda is looking great. Whoever you are – Business Analyst, Developer, Executive, or other – and whether you are just starting with BPM, expanding an initial deployment or managing an enterprise program, we have what you need. In addition to product training, best practices and tips & ticks sessions, a host of Appian customers will be sharing insights from their BPM journeys, both on the main stage and across the four conference Tracks.

One of the key mainstage presenters will be William Flowers, Vice President of Information and Technology Services at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. You may have seen the press release we issued earlier this month on DFW’s Appian Cloud program, and how it is supporting the airport’s drive to eliminate paper. The release has a lot of the program facts. In his presentation, Mr. Flowers will explain the strategic thinking behind those facts.

For example, conventional wisdom is that cloud computing is a resource saver (in dollars and person-hours). That’s true, but DFW’s decision to use Appian Cloud had more to do with speeding the time-to-business-outcome for their BPM program than it did with cost savings. DFW was able to deploy more than a dozen applications in 6 months, and Mr. Flowers will talk about why speed is the name of the game.

Another topic of his presentation will be mobility. Obviously, mobile is hot, but what’s the formula for making it valuable in the enterprise? What types of employees need mobile access, and to what types of data and processes? How can mobile accelerate an organization? (There’s that “speed” angle again). And how can you do true enterprise mobility without breaking the bank and your IT staff? These are the questions Mr. Flowers and his team had to consider.

And what of this “paperless airport” initiative? Paperless ticketing and other customer-facing functions are now common at airports. Why did DFW choose to focus on getting paper out of the back-office? The answer is not just efficiency, cost reduction or “going green.” Digitizing back-office operations, and bringing all enterprise data into one interface, is the key to a smarter, more agile – and once again, faster – business. And while it may not be intuitive, back-office processes have a direct impact on the front-line customer experience.

DFW is just one of the Appian customer organizations that will be sharing these kinds of BPM insights at the conference. Don’t miss out – register today!

See you there.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications