Webinar: Transform Your Product Life Cycle in the Digital Era

The speed of disruption in this new digital era means no business can be safe sitting on their laurels. Change is not just inevitable but it is necessary.

The existing digital tools that most companies use provide the capabilities to run business as usual. However, many pharmaceutical and life sciences companies struggle to connect the data from all of these tools and take advantage of the potential that modern digital platform technologies in the cloud and with mobile deployment can provide.

A recent McKinsey study identified that the biggest future impact on revenue and EBIT growth is set to occur through the digitization of supply chains.

It’s this topic, and how a digital transformation platform can improve success across the product life cycle, from discovery to supply management to distribution, that we’ll be discussing during a webinar on March 14th titled, “Transform Your Product Life Cycle in the Digital Era.”

Join me, Evi Cohen, Global Pharma & Life Sciences Lead at Appian, and Wayne McDonnell, Principal at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to:

  • Explore new approaches to dealing with disruptions by leveraging a cloud-based digital transformation platform
  • Learn how to connect people, process, and data across your organization
  • Discover the power and potential of mobile

A digital transformation platform optimizes inefficiencies and drives enterprise innovation. Bringing all of the most up-to-date information together in one unified platform ensures quality and accuracy of decisions. Low-code technology lets developers build apps 10 times faster than traditional methods, and a cloud environment provides the ultimate scalability while maintaining security.

New digital tools and technologies enable companies to bring products to market at unprecedented speeds. Register now to discover how a digital transformation platform can improve success in the product life cycle.


Evi Cohen

Vice President, Global Pharma and Life Sciences