Tips & Tricks Webinar on Application Design Best Practices

There are many elements to designing a high quality enterprise application, from architecture and data model, to performance, scalability, and user experience. Building a business process management (BPM) application is no different. When building a BPM application for the enterprise, it’s critical to understand and apply application design best practices.

Appian provides the platform for you to configure an enterprise application that is fully functional, scalable, intuitive, and responsive to end-users. This month’s Tips & Tricks Webinar will focus on Application Design Best Practices in a two-part series. The first webinar will focus on architecture elements of an Appian application and best practices for the enterprise.

Jed Fonner is a Principal Consultant at Appian’s Center of Excellence (CoE). He has been with Appian for ten years and has built applications on every version of the Appian Suite. As an Appian expert in our CoE, Jed has reviewed and provided guidance on hundreds of enterprise BPM projects to help with roadmap planning, solution architecture design, and applying best practices to ensure deployment success.

As the guest speaker on this Tips & Tricks Webinar, Jed will will cover the following topics on Appian BPM Application Design Best Practices, share real-world examples, and answer live questions during the one hour webinar:

  • Structure, Data & Application Design
  • Best Practices & Commonly Used Plug-Ins
  • Scalability, Testability, & Maintainability

Register today and join us for the free one hour webinar to learn about Application Design Best Practices and how to apply them to your BPM projects.

As with other Tips & Tricks webinar, it is free and open to all Appian Forum members. If you are not a Forum member, you may register here: You can also request for a free 30-day trial of Appian in the cloud to get started on agile, powerful intelligent BPM with industry leading mobile and social capabilities.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing