Hear Appian’s Vision for Business Process Management Software at Appian World 2012

Our CEO, Matt Calkins, calls the current state of Business Process Management software offerings “feature-incomplete.” The flurry of BPM technology acquisitions by stack vendors over the last two-plus years may create an attendant assumption that the market has “matured.” While important leaps forward have been made, Appian believes BPM software has yet to reach its true functional potential and organizational value.

The true value of Business Process Management software will not be realized through the improvement of discrete processes. Not even through the holistic and centralized governance of a variety of core processes. BPM software will truly emerge as the best way to organize and execute work when it becomes the single platform, and the single environment for unifying and presenting all the systems, data and collaboration a decision maker needs, in the moment they are needed.

BPM software isn’t there yet, and it’s on-going evolution will not be driven by stack vendors already consumed with sorting out their Frankenstein’s Monster BPM product portfolios. Appian remains exclusively dedicated to pushing the envelope on what BPM software is and what it can do. You can hear more about Appian’s vision, and how the next version of our product will take us all closer to it, by attending Appian World 2012.

We have accomplished some fundamental things on the road to this vision. We started from Day 1 with a real-time, in-memory analytics architecture. This is what has now, 12 years later, come into vogue under the guise of Gartner’s “Intelligent Business Operations” mantra. We’re unique in providing native Mobile BPM apps. We’re unique in providing code-identical deployment on-premise and in the cloud. We’re unique in rooting Social BPM in business events and outcomes to create “social business collaboration.”

Mobile, Cloud and Social are becoming part of the discussion with virtually every aspect of business technology. In the case of BPM, they (along with Data, or Information) are the crucial innovations that will continue to drive BPM software’s evolution.

We’re seeing this evolution take place before our eyes. Individual customers are putting more and more new applications, and wrapping more and more legacy systems, on our platform. They are accessing those apps as services delivered from the cloud, and are using them on their iPads. And all of those different systems and applications are being presented through a single, unified social interface that requires virtually no training.

A lot of exciting and challenging work remains to be done. Hear about it at Appian World, and in the meantime, you can check out one of our newest white papers, “Tapping the Power of Intelligent Processes in the Mobile, Cloud and Social Age.”

Ben Farrell

Vice President of Product Marketing