Emerging Tech for Insurance: LOMA Looks at Mobility, Cloud and the Customer Experience

This Thursday and Friday, the insurance sector will have the chance to focus on the new technology innovations that are helping to reshape the industry. The 2011 Emerging Technology Conference, hosted by LOMA October 6–7 at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., will explore cutting edge advances around mobile, cloud and other technologies, and how insurance leaders can use them to drive customer delight and new business growth. Appian, a sponsor of the event, is a trailblazer in “BPM for Insurance.

LOMA describes the conference as “the place for insurance companies to learn what’s on the leading edge so you can get a jump on the technology that can keep you ahead of the competition.” That speaks directly to how insurance companies are employing our innovations in Mobile BPM, Cloud BPM and Social BPM.

Industry leaders trust our BPM software to optimize core processes including Customer Service, Underwriting, New Account Opening, Cross Sell Up Sell, Claims Management, Risk & Compliance and more. We allow those and other processes (including embedded rich media like pictures and voice notes) to be consumed on common mobile devices by an insurance provider’s employees, network and customers. That means better, faster service. Our intuitive social interface enables real-time business collaboration. When those processes are hosted in the cloud (as an increasing number of our insurance customers are doing thanks to our proven secure back-end integrations) we can deliver dramatically lower IT costs for process applications that are also more flexible than traditional solutions.

Come to the LOMA event to hear more about emerging technologies for insurance. Then contact us so we can help you put them into action.