Best Practices: A New Tips & Tricks Webinar

Let’s face it. Mobile has become a way of life.

Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t have your iPhone….your Droid….your Galaxy within arm’s length?  A year ago?  Two? Five?

Mobile is now a lifestyle, and you don’t need IT analysts to tell you it’s blazed its way into the workplace.

So what’s that mean? It’s simple.  People work the way they live. As we’ve all become reliant on mobile technologies, we bring our devices to work.  We check our email from our phones, even sitting at our desks. We interact and collaborate.  We access information.  We take action…any time…all on our mobile devices. At home.  At work. At the beach.  At a sporting event.

“That’s great, Zach. But I thought this was a blog about the upcoming Tips & Tricks webinar.”

Yes….that’s correct.

You see, Tempo, Appian’s newest interface, simplifies access. Access to interaction…to information…to taking action. If you cannot access content, process, records, reports, and other critical information from anywhere, it’s time to evolve. With a focus on continually modernizing BPM software, Appian pushes to deliver intuitive, responsive enterprise technology that is both easy to use and available on any mobile device without any extra effort…

…which takes us to June 10’s Appian Tips & Tricks webinar. I hope you’ll join me and special guest Jed Fonner, Director of Appian’s Center of Excellence, at 12 noon ET for another session in our educational series. This one is focused on best practices in moving from a web portal interface to Appian Tempo.  

While we will certainly cover how Tempo natively addresses the needs of your mobile workforce, we’ll also review how you can take the next step in making it easier for everyone in your organization to be more successful in their work. In the one-hour session, you’ll:

– Learn how Tempo expands collaboration, eases process design, and aligns with the mobile lifestyle
– Understand the steps to migrate to the Tempo interface
– See a real-world comparison of how Tempo increases ease of use

 Remember, all Tips & Tricks Webinars are free and open to Appian Forum members.

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I hope to ‘see’ you online June 10!


Zach Messler

Director of Product Marketing