Appian World 2014 New Product Announcements

At Appian World 2014, you’ll hear some big announcements around our core product offering.  As our customers have seen, Appian has been rapidly building on a new architectural model that meets the demands of today’s modern worker.

Appian World 2014

Our quarterly release cycles over the past year are culminating in some big advancements in key areas, such as:

SAIL –  Our upcoming release of Appian has major advancements in our new Self-Assembling Interface Layer (SAIL) architecture for both end users and designers.  It is always our goal to make it as easy as possible for designers to create rich interfaces and users to enjoy an intuitively designed and efficient work experience.  Our upcoming Appian World 2014 software release will make significant advancements in both these areas.

Records –  The vision of Records is to provide an intuitive data-centric user experience that is ideal for dynamic case management scenarios and tightly integrated with social and process features.  This upcoming release will make it even easier to unite data silos into the Records framework, exposing more data for users to make intelligent business decisions.

Mobile – The demand for mobility continues to advance in the enterprise.  Appian continues to advance the concept that achieving Mobility for your critical solutions should be free.  Free of both additional development and additional license cost.  At the conference, we will also give attendees an opportunity to experience the impact of wearable mobile technology on their Appian solutions with interactive demonstrations using the latest mobile innovations.

Tempo – When Appian announced Tempo, it was a stake in the ground for a new direction for the BPMS market.  It was a belief expressed by Appian that process solutions cannot live in a vacuum, disconnected from the data and collaborations of the enterprise.  This Appian World, we’ll have several exciting case studies and educational sessions on how making the leap to an integrated social, data and process experience is returning real business results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the details of this significant software release.  Appian World 2014 provides attendees the opportunity to receive early training and insight into this release, as well as the opportunity to personally interact with the product managers and developers building the Appian platform.  Registration is still open at

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing