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Streamline On-Boarding to Accelerate Customer Journeys In Financial Services

Customer service is emerging as a key competitive differentiator for Financial Services firms. However, just 8 percent of banks have standardized their customer on-boarding processes. Making a good first impression is the beginning of any customer journey, and on-boarding represents an opportunity to get relationships off to a good start. Financial services firms are facing ... Read More

Enterprise Mobility for Financial Services Technology Firms

Mobile banking has been steadily gaining momentum in recent years, and financial services technology firms can use this trend to drive revenue gains as they reduce the costs of transactions. Business process management (BPM) software can empower banks and credit unions to take these benefits to another level by allowing them to quickly build enterprise ... Read More

Low-Code: Power to the Citizen Developer. Power to the People.

Low-Code: Power to the Citizen Developer. Power to the People. What the heck is a citizen developer? Leading IT research and advisory company Gartner defines it this way: “A citizen developer is a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and run-time environments sanctioned by corporate IT.” Essentially, a citizen ... Read More

Tips & Tricks: The Modern UI

What’s modern? Is it the here and now?  Is it forward looking? Is it the future? Yes. Especially when you consider user interfaces…AKA UI…modern can mean all of those things. Is it beautiful? Intuitive? Responsive? If it’s modern, the answer…again…is yes. Which brings us to a very special Appian Tips & Tricks webinar. On Thursday, ... Read More

Digital Transformation? More like Digital Convergence

#techtuesday I have a theory. Digital transformation should be called digital convergence. When you undergo digital transformation, you’re changing the technology makeup within your business. Sure, that’s the nuts and bolts of it—but there is so much more. Instead of having specific technologies to complete specific tasks, the path to digital transformation success is bringing ... Read More

Three Things About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is all the rage these days. But, why? And, is it just another crazy buzzword? Or, is this thing really the next big thing? I remember back in 10th grade, my English teacher shared her big pet peeve…and her one big rule: “Never use the word ‘things’ to describe something. ... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Enterprise Mobility Is Dead

Throwback Thursday: Enterprise Mobility Is Dead Almost two years ago, we declared Enterprise Mobility dead! (Yes…seriously!) And frankly, in the right context, it is dead. Mobile business just business as usual these days. And that’s the point. Read more in this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday! Zach Messler Enterprise mobility is dead. Yes. You read ... Read More

Funtime Friday: Do the Low-Code Motion

Funtime Friday! Funtime Friday? Yes! Funtime Friday! Today marks a new day for the Appian Insight blog. Every Friday (to celebrate the end of the week and launch you into a great weekend), we’ll post something that combines a hot topic in digital transformation with something fun, entertaining, or otherwise cool! This…is Funtime Friday. We’ll ... Read More

Throwback Thursday: The 80/20 Conundrum

It’s an accepted fact…Most IT organizations spend 80% of time and resources maintaining, and only 20% innovating. In plain English? Most IT teams are in a constant state of upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting (oh my!). And, with the one constant in IT these days being change, too granular a focus on maintenance results in your ... Read More