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Business Rules: A Key Component of Digital Transformation Power

How many tasks does your organization complete on a daily basis? Chances are, more decisions are made by the hour than you can count! And the outcomes of these decisions? They drive and shape everything from optimizing internal operations to delivering great customer experiences. However, decisions don’t always follow the same path, and business is ... Read More

Digital Empathy: The X Factor in Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation means different things to different people. For many, it’s about the speed and power of back office technology. For some, it’s about getting more visibility into process and data. For others, it’s about driving efficiency and cost savings to the bottom line. But the real gem in the digital transformation jewel box is ... Read More

Low-Code Scales Through Flexibility

In today’s digital world, the name of the game? SPEED. Short delivery requests force developers to find creative ways to meet growing demands of the business. Apps should be easy-to-build and quick-to-deploy…sounds simple enough, right? With low-code applications it is. Easy-to-construct applications have helped developers meet these cutthroat deadlines without having to sacrifice quality. But, ... Read More