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BPM: Innovation Built for Any and All Industries

The biggest thing I took away from Appian World 2014 (other than Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, of course) was the amount of industries represented at our annual user group event. And more than just representation, it was intriguing to learn how aspects of modern BPM can be implemented for so many different purposes. Whether it’s ... Read More

BPM is Not What You Think…and Other Executive Pearls of Wisdom

If you’re new to Business Process Management, don’t let the name fool you. BPM is not what you think.  Sure, it’s defined by leading analysts as the discipline of managing processes to continually improve agility and business performance outcomes. And yes, that’s where BPM’s roots lie. But, BPM—and the technology that enables it—is not limited to ... Read More

Driving Results: Transforming Customer Engagement

A reoccurring theme thus far at Appian World 2014 has been customer service. From customer general session presentations to break-out sponsor booths, everyone seems dedicated to providing the best enterprise IT service to their customers, members or constituents. Matt Richard, CIO of the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA), is driving a strategic initiative ... Read More

Janus Capital: Managing Risk and Process Innovation in Financial Service Operations

In the financial services arena, the success of the client experience rests on how well they trust their advisors to mitigate any risk in financial security. While managing a large number of customer portfolios, trading errors can occur. As one can image, business processes must perform at the highest level to alleviate the worries of investors. ... Read More

Sanofi: Loosely Coupled, Tightly Executed Through Enterprise Case Management

Case management interactions between people, process, data, and content are loosely coupled, dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. Yet the goal is tight execution across all of these dimensions to achieve rapid and positive case resolutions. kicking-off this morning’s customer presentations at Appian World 2014, Pharmaceutical leader Sanofi highlighted its Appian integration of data, collaboration, mobility ... Read More

Gartner’s Daryl Plummer Kicks Off Appian World 2014 by Taming Disruptors Through a Nexus of Forces

Welcome to Appian World 2014! This morning, Gartner Managing Vice President and Research Fellow Daryl Plummer delivered the opening address to Appian’s annual user conference. Daryl’s main stage discussion was quite an introduction to the leading industry session of customers, partners, analysts, and prospects, as he addressed the disruptions created by new technologies and how they ... Read More

Modernizing the Customer Experience with Improved IT Software for Financial Services

Maintaining a strong customer experience is at the heart of every successful business, regardless of the particular industry. This is often the make-or-break factor in competitive differentiation and business growth. Financial services companies are no stranger to this challenge, as operational complexity is a major reason for what’s regarded as a generally-poor level of service across ... Read More