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Anyone Can Build an Integrated Survey

Bienvenue sur mon blog, j’espère que vous apprécierez la lecture! Did you get that…? No? Sorry, I’ve spent the past few days brushing up on my French thanks to nonstop “let’s watch Ratatouille!” requests from my son. The story of a mouse who leaves his friends and family, befriends a chef, and ends up wowing ... Read More

Appian Product Release: A New Look for 2017! [Video]

If you happened to join Appian for our Around the World conferences last year, you got a sneak peek at our roadmap for 2017. And now that the new year is upon us, Appian is ready to release a new look for 2017. Our Modern UI initiative is officially rolling out with Appian 17.1, providing ... Read More

Appian Product Release: Always On, Always Ready!

Disasters can happen at anytime. And, as some have learned, they can even impact your critical systems operating in the cloud. So what can protect your critical business processes from a major disaster? A well-architected and robust cloud infrastructure. Appian has always been focused on providing a leading cloud BPM platform that’s also the most secure ... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Data Type Evolution

Modifying a data type can be tough, right? With all the dependents, it can be a challenge, right? WRONG. Join us this Tuesday, August 30, for the next Tips & Tricks webinar and learn why. We’ll be joined by special guest, Senior Manager of Product Management Brett Shomaker, for “Data Type Evolution in Appian.” During this 60-minute ... Read More

Appian Product Release – Quick Apps is Here!

We hope you reserved your seat. With Appian World 2016 already underway, I can raise the curtain on something I’ve been eager to share…Quick Apps—the latest new capability in Appian . Quick Apps brings real zero-code development to the masses. The Quick Apps Designer simply prompts users for the key points of their application. Then, ... Read More

Appian for Good: Now Available!

Appian for Good is now available! What’s the biggest barrier to mobile innovation in the enterprise? Is it lack of devices? Is it lack of good ideas to leverage mobile apps? No… A recent IDC report showed that “Security and regulatory issues remain the biggest barrier for mobile technology adoption across industries…” Software companies like ... Read More

What if There was a Playbook for Success?

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, I LOVED video games. My brother and I spent hours in the basement playing all sorts of games. There was one, though, that we loved more than others. Super Mario Brothers! We would compete for hours, trying to see who could get the farthest ... Read More

Appian Product Release – 2016: A New Beginning

Today is an exciting a day for me. And, it’s also a sad one. You see, for several years, I’ve enjoyed participating in the evolution of the Appian 7 product, from its earliest days of the new Tempo user experience, to the modern design experiences released in 2015. But as of today, Appian 7 is ... Read More

Appian Product Release – One Last Release for 2015

Agility is first a mindset, and second a commitment to the tools and processes that allow organizations to continually evolve business and the technology that drives it. Appian started our journey to becoming a truly agile organization several years ago. Today we feel we’ve mastered the art, delivering feature rich, high quality software at a ... Read More

Appian Product Release – Better, Faster, Stronger

Appian received an amazing response to our last release, a few months back at Appian World 2015 Product Release.  Transformational features, such as the new Appian Designer, Interface Designer, Appian Sites, and Web API Designer are creating new use cases, and Appian practitioners are realizing huge productivity gains as a result. So how could we ... Read More