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[Infographic] Measuring The Total Economic Impact: The Benefits Of Appian’s Low-Code Platform

If you are in an organization gearing up its digital transformation, it’s likely you’re looking at low-code platforms. As this market emerges, it’s important to understand the tangible business and IT benefits low-code development can deliver on an enterprise scale. So…what is the value of an enterprise low-code platform? Glad you asked! Working with existing ... Read More

Mobile App Platforms Play Essential Role in Capturing User Attention

The application economy is transforming the enterprise as we know it. An App Annie study predicts that the global app economy will create annual revenues climbing to $101 billion by 2020. That figure is estimated to rest at $41.5 billion for 2016, meaning the market will likely double its value before 2020. What’s more, this ... Read More

Low-Code + BPM Software: Aligning Business, Culture and Technology to Drive Transformation

Low-code application platforms are being touted as a key enabler of rapid digital business transformation. On its own, such technology democratizes app dev by enabling citizen developers in the business to self-serve their own small-scale departmental solutions. However, most low-code platforms lack the industrial-strength capabilities (such as process management and integrations) required to drive meaningful ... Read More

3 Technology Predictions for 2017

The rate of technology advancement and innovation these days is stunning. Today…as we are ending 2016…we have less in common with 2006 than 2006 has with 1996. And odds are, none of us can truly predict what ten years from now will look like. Consider the original launch date for the very first iPhone… That’s ... Read More

8 Ways to Set Your Digital Transformation Journey in Motion

A simple Google search for “digital transformation” returns a solid eight million results. But, what exactly does it mean? And, what does it take for an organization to achieve it? For those interested in getting a grasp on digital transformation, do not miss the upcoming Appian World event in San Francisco. From Monday, April 3rd ... Read More

Low-Code App Platforms, Bimodal Strategies Can Help CIOs Fuel Digital Innovation

The technology demands of the modern enterprise are so great that IT departments can, understandably, have a difficult time keeping up. Businesses that want to transform around digital operations must connect data across diverse app ecosystems, support a wide array of device types, interact with disparate cloud services and keep up with a staggering pace ... Read More

Student Hackathon: 10 Apps in 5 Days

Picture this. You’re a young college student studying one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s exciting to study it, and you cannot wait til you get the chance to live it. Then, one day…almost out of the blue…there it is. The opportunity to live it! You get your hands on a leading ... Read More

Low-Code Allowing for Development Delegation

Low-code mobile application development platforms are establishing new operational paradigms that alter the way IT departments operate. The ability to create proprietary apps or customize third-party solutions without having to write extensive code changes the custom app development game, allowing IT teams to get a wide range of users involved in the process. According to a recent ... Read More

Low-Code: Power to the Citizen Developer. Power to the People.

Low-Code: Power to the Citizen Developer. Power to the People. What the heck is a citizen developer? Leading IT research and advisory company Gartner defines it this way: “A citizen developer is a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and run-time environments sanctioned by corporate IT.” Essentially, a citizen ... Read More

Win Digital Gold with Low-Code

It happened again last week. Asked what I did for a living, I cheerfully answered, “I do marketing for an awesome high tech company.”  And then, I blurted out “our software is the Michael Phelps of digital innovation.” “Huh,” my conversation buddy said. “What do you have to do with the most decorated Olympian of ... Read More