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Meeting the Demands of Regulatory Information Management

Maintaining pharmaceutical regulatory compliance in a world driven by ever-increasing demands for speed to market is difficult. Some would say it’s near impossible. Just because there are pressures to reduce delivery time, does not mean corners can be cut when dealing with compliance. The same – or even greater standards – of compliance are still ... Read More

Meet Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud [Infographic]

Staying on top of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, as laws govern everything from fraud prevention and product labeling to shipping and storage processes. GxP standards are adding another layer of regulatory complexity as they push organizations to ramp up operations in light of the 21st century ... Read More

Regulatory Information Management (RIM) [Infographic]

Life Sciences companies face a growing number of regulations throughout the product lifecycle. Many find that the current solutions in place do not provide comprehensive awareness of the global portfolio, leading to internal audits uncovering significant gaps in compliance. These silos of data across many systems create a lack of visibility to the latest information – ... Read More

Appian’s Effect on Life Sciences

Appian traveled to Raritan, New Jersey last week, for a specialized Life Sciences Appian Around the World, hosted at the Johnson & Johnson headquarters. We had a full room bustling with pharma leaders eager to exchange knowledge with one another. Our day focused on our customers’ stories, with three top pharma leaders sharing their experiences ... Read More

The Future of Pharmaceutical IT Starts Today

The 14th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress promised an in-depth look into the future innovations of technology in the life sciences industry, and I have to say, London did not disappoint. On  September 28-29, I joined over 150 pharmaceutical information technology and business specialists as we dove into key topics that are currently top of mind ... Read More

See into the Future of Pharmaceutical IT

It’s no secret, the Pharmaceutical IT industry is growing rapidly. By 2017, IT research experts Ovum, forecast that IT spending in the life sciences industry will reach $40.8 billion globally.   We have learned over the years that the amount of money spent does not mean the optimal solutions are being identified and implemented. Pharmaceutical IT is ... Read More

Accelerate Your Study Start Up and Tracking

When it comes to executing clinical trials, speed is everything. Well executed, speedy clinical trial initiation can result in faster completion of the trial and acceleration of time to market. The sooner a product is released to market, the sooner life saving and life altering medicine is available for patients, and the longer it can ... Read More

How to Automate Clinical, Safety, and Business Processes with Innovative Technology

Safety. Efficiency. Automation. What industry doesn’t need these things to have their business processes run smoothly? Pharmaceutical companies are no different. Except in Pharma, there are even more challenges, especially when it comes to healthcare regulatory compliance, patents, and so much more. Perhaps the biggest challenge? Being first to market. When it comes to efficiency ... Read More

Rolling With the Punches: How to Handle Regulatory Management in Pharma

“The only thing that is constant in life, is change.” The pharmaceuticals industry fits that old saying “to a T.” As the science for getting drugs to consumers changes, so does the regulatory management of this sensitive subject. And that’s where Appian comes in. Appian’s flexible platform for Regulatory Information Management (RIM) allows pharma companies ... Read More

The Future of Knowledge Work

Did you meet Baxter at Appian World 16? Baxter might not be as smart as Lieutenant Commander Data. He’s definitely not as strong as the new FANUC M-2000iA/1700L that can lift 1.7 tons—the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people. And, he is certainly not as pretty as the robot “clones” on Orphan Black. ... Read More