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The Rise of the Digital Era for Insurers

The digital era has arrived for insurers. Digital is transforming insurer products and services, breaking down barriers for new entrants, and impacting customer engagement. With changing customer experience expectations and digital transformation projects on the rise, how should insurers move forward with their customer-centric digital initiatives? Drivers of  The Digital Era In the not so ... Read More

The Digital Insurer

Digital technology is reshaping virtually all aspects of life. From how you order at a restaurant, to how you change the channel on your TV, everything is evolving. The same holds true for the insurance industry. In their recent report “The State of Digital Insurance,” Forrester Research found digitally empowered customers have fundamentally changed how ... Read More

BPM Insurance Technology at the 2016 SMA Summit

If you share my obsession with all things Star Trek, this summer you’ll be in an IMAX experiencing Star Trek Beyond. When September comes, you’ll be in Boston at the 2016 SMA Summit: Becoming a Next-Gen Insurer. “New forces from outside and inside insurance are creating the potential for real disruption and great possibilities. They ... Read More

Customer Relationships Made to Last

Ryan Taggerty is a dedicated practitioner in a highly skilled but nostalgic field of expertise. Dr. Tagg, as he is known professionally, is a doll doctor. His is a disappearing discipline because, as Ryan says, “they are no longer made to last.” The same might be said of customer relationships. Here’s what to keep in ... Read More

Is This Really Where InsurTech is Going?

In his recent LinkedIn Pulse article, “It’s Time for InsureTech to Fund a Radically New Back Office,” Paul Tyler of Fidelity & Guaranty Life threw down a challenge to startups, to develop “a new cloud-based insurance administration platform.” It’s an interesting point, and one which might have been more pressing in terms of importance a ... Read More

Is Your Insurance Company Like a Cheesy Science Fiction Movie?

It sounds like a scene from a cheesy science fiction movie. It all starts with a service interaction…any service interaction. Every time your customers pick up the phone…log on to your website…hit you up on their iPhone, tablet, smart device…a small piece of them is digitized. Transformed. Seemingly lost…broken up and spread out deep in ... Read More

Webinar: Underwriting’s Role in a Profitable Insurance Business

Leaders lead. Followers follow. Setting direction and tone for the future is typically considered the job of the CEO, right? And, if not the CEO, then who? Clearly a chief executive of some sort…the COO perhaps? Would you believe the right place for the job is in Underwriting? It just may be. Business changes led ... Read More

The Broken Promises of Customer Engagement in Healthcare

Customer engagement is a hot topic, and not just in Retail. At HIMSS in LasVegas, customer engagement in healthcare is a buzzing topic. Now, it may not be called “customer engagement,” but make no mistake. With all the evolving, (and let’s not forget cool!) tech in Healthcare, how the patient…the provider…the member…interact and engage with each other ... Read More

The Small World of Insurance

As a child, I remember going to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and being overwhelmed and almost uncontrollably excited by the sights, sounds, rides, and shows. It was an assault on the senses, kind of a child-size Las Vegas. It’s a memory I expect many reading this share. They say memories related to senses are often ... Read More

How Will You Approach the Industry Cornucopia?

Appian World 2016: How Will You Approach the Industry Cornucopia? Unless you live under a rock… Um…Perhaps that’s too harsh.  If you have a tween or teenage son or daughter, then you no doubt are familiar with the Hunger Games, first a trilogy of novels by science fiction writer Suzanne Collins, and then a series of ... Read More