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A Healthcare Digital Transformation Platform [Infographic]

Improving decision making, speeding innovation and simplifying the healthcare journey is always top of mind for healthcare providers and payers. But how can you rapidly deploy solutions to achieve these goals? View the infographic below to learn how a digital transformation platform for healthcare helps organizations develop and roll out technology solutions to: Enhance the ... Read More

Meet Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud [Infographic]

Staying on top of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, as laws govern everything from fraud prevention and product labeling to shipping and storage processes. GxP standards are adding another layer of regulatory complexity as they push organizations to ramp up operations in light of the 21st century ... Read More

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation at Appian World 2017

Appian World 2017 is the single destination for everything you need to accelerate meaningful digital business transformation. Learn how to fast-track your digital transformation with The Appian Platform in the infographic below. Register today and join us in San Francisco! Learn More & Register » Read More

Regulatory Information Management (RIM) [Infographic]

Life Sciences companies face a growing number of regulations throughout the product lifecycle. Many find that the current solutions in place do not provide comprehensive awareness of the global portfolio, leading to internal audits uncovering significant gaps in compliance. These silos of data across many systems create a lack of visibility to the latest information – ... Read More

Reach Customers Where They Are [Infographic]

The Financial Services industry is changing. Information technology is becoming more important than ever as banks and credit unions work to implement robust IT systems in order to support online and mobile banking, and do so without creating excess risk. All of this change is helping Financial Services firms become more agile and responsive, and ... Read More

BPM Software for Accelerating the Commercial Bank Customer Journey [Infographic]

Commercial banks have long grappled with process workflows that make new customer on-boarding a slow, tedious process. In many cases, employees must move back and forth between digital and paper-based business processes, interact with users in other departments and ensure customer-facing interactions go smoothly. All told, the traditional process workflows surrounding commercial bank customer on-boarding ... Read More

Low-Code Tools Fuel Business Transformation at Digital Speed [Infographic]

Businesses are facing mounting pressure to operate at digital speed. Mobile devices, social media, and a wide range of BPM software technologies are coming together to change the way people work. As these shifting operational dynamics take hold in the enterprise, organizations become much more dependent on the apps and services that support everyday operations. ... Read More

How Modern BPM Can Transform Your Business [Infographic]

The business process management world has changed a great deal in recent years. Modern, intelligent BPM software has become a fully-featured tool to drive efficiency across every facet of the digital and traditional elements of enterprise operations. The result is a technology that businesses can use to connect their people, data, and processes across business ... Read More

Government Agility: Unify People Through Connected Data and Processes [Infographic]

Government agencies are facing a difficult transition into the digital world. They need to update and accelerate their processes around digital tools, particularly as constituents demand the ability to interact with agencies online and through mobile apps and services. At the same time, people want to see the government working more efficiently, spending as little ... Read More