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Dealing with the Pain of Provider Directories

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for many years now and I can’t tell you when I have ever had so many conversations about provider directories as in the past few months. My health insurance colleagues and I continue to be amazed at how challenging it has become for payers to provide accurate and up-to-date ... Read More

HIMSS 2017: Digital Transformation for Healthcare

Once again, I had the pleasure of attending the HIMSS conference, this year in Orlando, and was blown away by the plethora of impressive IT advances being made in the healthcare space. This year in particular, as people look at the changes that have already happened in healthcare and the uncertainty of what’s to come, ... Read More

Predictions 2017: Engaging The Empowered Patient

Physician/patient relationships are not what they once were. Newly-formed patient expectations have forced healthcare providers to offer more flexible options to meet individualized needs. The empowered patient has forced the hand of healthcare providers to innovate their services through digitization, shifting to value-based care instead of fee-for-service, and other means such as offering more virtual ... Read More

Digital Transformation for Healthcare With Appian at HIMSS

The healthcare provider experience is transforming to match a shift in patient expectations. Providing a more patient-centric experience means offering a more transparent system that puts the patient in control. Next week at HIMSS, stop by our booth #4376 to see real-life examples, including demonstrations, on how Appian is already helping top healthcare providers around the ... Read More

HIMSS 2017: Lake Nona Medical City Tour

Technology is opening the door for healthcare service innovation. To improve the patient experience, facilities are digitally transforming their operations for a more coordinated healthcare experience for both the patient and the clinician. At HIMSS this year in Orlando, Florida, attendees will get the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at some facilities who have embraced digital ... Read More

Innovating Care Technology in the Age of Choice

A new age of choice within the healthcare industry has forced all facets of healthcare to rethink the way they do business. Providers have to meet rising demands in customer service by creating a solution offering patient-centric care as well as seamless care-coordination between patients, providers, and payers. From February 19th-23rd, the Healthcare Information and ... Read More

A Healthcare Digital Transformation Platform [Infographic]

Improving decision making, speeding innovation and simplifying the healthcare journey is always top of mind for healthcare providers and payers. But how can you rapidly deploy solutions to achieve these goals? View the infographic below to learn how a digital transformation platform for healthcare helps organizations develop and roll out technology solutions to: Enhance the ... Read More

Appian in the Face of Healthcare Uncertainty

As we enter into the new year and a new administration in the White House, one thing is certain: there will be changes to the healthcare payer industry. Although, the specifics of these changes still remains to be seen, we know they’re coming. Working as the Healthcare Payers Industry Practice Lead for Appian, I’ve seen ... Read More