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A Healthcare Digital Transformation Platform [Infographic]

Improving decision making, speeding innovation and simplifying the healthcare journey is always top of mind for healthcare providers and payers. But how can you rapidly deploy solutions to achieve these goals? View the infographic below to learn how a digital transformation platform for healthcare helps organizations develop and roll out technology solutions to: Enhance the ... Read More

Appian in the Face of Healthcare Uncertainty

As we enter into the new year and a new administration in the White House, one thing is certain: there will be changes to the healthcare payer industry. Although, the specifics of these changes still remains to be seen, we know they’re coming. Working as the Healthcare Payers Industry Practice Lead for Appian, I’ve seen ... Read More

Leveraging Actionable Data to Improve Care

The healthcare industry is in a period of transition. This is no secret. With the dawn of the Affordable Care Act, and the changes that may come to it over the next few years, healthcare payers are thinking more and more about how they can better serve their members. With this, payers want to find ... Read More

Digital Transformation to Drive Customer Experience

Digital Transformation is becoming one of, if not the, most important initiatives for healthcare payers in the coming years. Eliminating inefficiencies, reducing complexities, and streamlining processes are all vital to improving the customer experience. With digital transformation, you can create a more holistic view of members allowing for a greater understanding of member’s needs. Having ... Read More

Customer Experiences Central to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a period of sweeping change as digital technologies take hold across the sector. For a long time, the goals behind digital innovation came out of the industry itself, with initiatives focusing on reducing the cost of care, freeing clinical staff from clerical work, eliminating errors and improving ... Read More

The Gold Standard for Mergers and Acquisitions

The infrastructure of healthcare as a whole is changing, that’s no secret. One major aspect of these changes is that larger hospital systems are merging with and acquiring smaller ones. With these mergers and acquisitions come the obvious challenges that arise whenever different entities come together – operational habits are already entrenched in the unique ... Read More

Improving Data Quality for Healthcare Providers

When you hear about the city of Nashville, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Country Music? The TV show with the same name? The late, great Johnny Cash? What if I said healthcare? Would healthcare ring a bell? Probably not, but what many people don’t know is that Nashville is a bustling ... Read More

Personalized Healthcare with Appian

Easy, personalized service–isn’t that what most people want when it comes to their healthcare? I know I do. Next week, I’ll be attending the Health Care Consumer Engagement Congress Event in Boston on September 29 and 30 to discuss how all companies involved in healthcare can make this happen, and how Appian can help enable ... Read More

Healthcare BPM for Relentless Incrementalism

Many people can relate to this goal: wanting to lose weight. Even what may seem like a small amount of weight, 10-15 pounds, can feel like a lofty goal when you get on the scale and see those numbers staring back at you. But what if you took it one pound or less at a ... Read More

Appian and Managing Healthcare Costs: A Conversation with Dr. Chuck Webster

If you’ve ever stopped by a healthcare technology trade show, or attended Appian World and any of the healthcare sessions, you’ve probably seen Dr. Charles Webster (Chuck) floating around. Chuck is a huge proponent of process-aware technologies in healthcare, including workflow management systems, Business Process Management (BPM), and dynamic and adaptive case management. He has ... Read More