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Student Hackathon: 10 Apps in 5 Days

Picture this. You’re a young college student studying one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s exciting to study it, and you cannot wait til you get the chance to live it. Then, one day…almost out of the blue…there it is. The opportunity to live it! You get your hands on a leading ... Read More

Inaugural Women’s Leadership Program Coding Challenge

Are you a college student who loves tech? How’s a $5,000 scholarship sound? What about an exclusive internship? A chance to work on developing real product features for a cutting-edge technology? What more could a college student want?! That dream can become reality, thanks to the Inaugural Appian Women’s Leadership Program Coding Challenge! What is it? ... Read More

Ascend is Doing Great Things. Here’s Why It Matters.

Recently, Appian had the pleasure of hosting Marina LeGree, Founder & Executive Director of Ascend Athletics, for an hour long informational session filled with eye-opening and passionate stories of the non-profit’s accomplishments. Marina grew up in Washington State, and was one of three girls in the family. One key factor that has stuck with Marina ... Read More

Why Short Release Cycles Matter

It’s great that Agile delivers some “done” – potentially shippable – functionality at the end of each Sprint, but it’s important to remember that the true impact and best feedback will come when end users actually start interacting with the application you’ve developed.   For this reason, it’s essential to keep your release cycles short ... Read More

Appian World 2016: Day 2 Highlights

Yes, you’re correct that there was no Day 1 blog, because all you would have read was my review of the endless apps, many drinks and plentiful conversation about television and fish and chips (shout out to Neal Ward-Dutton!) from yesterday. Today, we got down to business. Literally. Being new to the BPM space, I ... Read More

Realize Your Vision at Appian World 2016!

As innovators in the technology space, we’ve all had that lightbulb-flashing moment. Our most ingenious thoughts come to us from anywhere at any time: Half asleep in the shower, on the drive home from work, watching TV on our couch at night. The excitement. The possibilities. The chance to turn ideas into a reality! But ... Read More

The Path to an Easy, Powerful, and Unified Health Plan System

In case you missed it, Monday, there was a fantastic session at the National Conference on Medicare & Medicaid in Washington, DC: Celebrating 50 Years of Public Programs. On stage to discuss the past, present and future of the Medicare program, was Marilyn Tavenner, the former CMS administrator and current CEO of American’s Health Insurance Plans. As ... Read More

Mark Your Calendar! OpEx in Insurance Event coming up

Appian’s Insurance team of experts – and me – will all be on the road soon! This time, it’s for the Operational Excellence in Insurance event in Hartford, Connecticut. The event is designed to help you align and accelerate your transformation efforts. This year’s summit includes case studies and roundtable discussions that go inside global insurance companies that have successfully unlocked value and delivered ... Read More

This Time, It’s About the User Experience

You might not remember his name, but you definitely remember his voice. In fact, all I have to do is type three little words: IN A WORLD… Don LaFontaine was the the movie trailer maestro: If Don were still alive, I like to dream he’d do a trailer for the next Appian Tips & Tricks ... Read More