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The Impact of Dynamic Case Management on The Customer Experience

When knowledge workers have greater insight and are better equipped to address ad hoc work, the result is a better customer experience.   This simple but powerful key finding emerged from the recent survey conducted by Forrester Research across 130 business and technology leaders.   Yet, while organizations seek to provide their knowledge workers with ... Read More

Digitization Brings A New Way to Bank

Bankers are rethinking how they provide services to their customers. Digitization is ‘in,’ helping to create a new way to bank, and brick and mortar branches are under siege. Could this mean the demise of traditional branches and tellers?  Might we see relationship managers disappear, morphed to avatars, smart robots and, RPA-assisted processes? Is the ... Read More

Omni-Channel Strategies Require Collaboration

Want to learn more about successful omni-channel strategies?  Read on for a personal story that got me thinking about omni-channel. The phone rang in the middle of the night. It was my daughter, who was completing a semester abroad in London. “Ma, I’m short on cash, and I need extra this month….You know I’m booking ... Read More

The New Digital Impact on Customer Loyalty

In the past, winning over customers in the financial services industry was all about using technology to make tasks easier and more accessible for the consumer. Now, customer loyalty is increasingly determined by a financial institution’s ability to assist customers, rather than just the ability to help customers help themselves. This requires greater focus on ... Read More

Fast Track Your Transformation Plans

Sibos promised to be one of the most interesting financial services conferences of the year, and it did not disappoint. It was a fast paced week in Geneva — from the latest on blockchain, and the discussions around compliance and the Customer Journey, to the stories of digital transformation — Sibos hit the pulse of ... Read More

Are You on the Right Path to Digital Transformation?

The financial services industry is experiencing new and drastic changes; from channel proliferation to higher customer expectations and an increasingly competitive marketplace. Demand is high for innovation that can help organizations stay competitive and boost their corporate performance. To stay ahead of competition, digitization must occur. But how do you choose the right path to digital ... Read More

Reach Customers Where They Are [Infographic]

The Financial Services industry is changing. Information technology is becoming more important than ever as banks and credit unions work to implement robust IT systems in order to support online and mobile banking, and do so without creating excess risk. All of this change is helping Financial Services firms become more agile and responsive, and ... Read More

Streamline On-Boarding to Accelerate Customer Journeys In Financial Services

Customer service is emerging as a key competitive differentiator for Financial Services firms. However, just 8 percent of banks have standardized their customer on-boarding processes. Making a good first impression is the beginning of any customer journey, and on-boarding represents an opportunity to get relationships off to a good start. Financial services firms are facing ... Read More

Digital Strategies: Path to Transformation

Digital Strategies: Path to Transformation We are just a few days away from Sibos in Geneva, and I am sure you are looking forward to it. Oh what a cool opportunity to walk around the scenic part of Old Town, or to step out for cocktails, or to try fondue with authentic Swiss chocolates and ... Read More

Discover The BPM Approach to Financial Services

In the Financial Service industry, staying competitive means staying innovative. Innovation can prove difficult, however, when faced with increased process complexity and unprecedented market changes. To be successful, financial firms must rethink traditional business models and turn to an agile solution that moves with the speed of your industry. This agile solution is called Business ... Read More