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BPM Plays Vital Part as Mobility Continues to Rise

Enterprise mobility solutions have the potential to change how people work, but only if organizations have refined their processes and procedures to support employees leveraging smartphones and tablets. Business process management (BPM) software empowers organizations to align their technological and business functions to maximize the revenue potential of their investments. When it comes to enterprise ... Read More

Enterprise Mobility for Financial Services Technology Firms

Mobile banking has been steadily gaining momentum in recent years, and financial services technology firms can use this trend to drive revenue gains as they reduce the costs of transactions. Business process management (BPM) software can empower banks and credit unions to take these benefits to another level by allowing them to quickly build enterprise ... Read More

Throwback Thursday: What Makes a Great Business App?

The app has transformed our lives. Think about it. Could you go back and live your current life in 2004? How about 1997? 1985? Try and imagine conducting your life…coordinating your work, your family, your time without the convenience of apps. Our devices and their growing capabilities have forever changed how we interact…how we live…how ... Read More

Enterprise App Platforms Among Tools Behind Mobile Maturity

Mobile devices are permeating the enterprise as businesses embrace the bring-your-own-device movement, even if they don’t have a cohesive strategy behind those plans. Mobile application development platforms are among the technologies that are making this innovation possible. A recent report from explained that the challenges that are associated with enterprise mobility have yet to ... Read More

Mobile development is hard…but there’s hope!

Bob! How are you? Well, we’re looking to hire some mobile engineers. Gotta get that mobile app done! Been there…How’s that working out for you? Ugh! I can’t find anyone that works out. They’re either too expensive or only have experience in one mobile OS. Mobile development is hard. Finding people that know how to ... Read More

BPM Essential as Companies Work to Cross Technological Boundaries

For a long time, the trendy conversation has been about how organizations can create enough mobile apps and services to allow for seamless smartphone and tablet use in the enterprise. This discussion is still going, but it has shifted. Instead of focusing solely on creating mobile-enabled solutions, businesses must also consider how they can streamline ... Read More

Appian World 2016: A 20-Something’s Take on Mobile Flexibility

When I really think about it, there’s one technology development that has allowed me to ‘gracefully’ transition from a poor, hungry college student to a fully-functioning, fiscally responsible adult: Mobile. Banking. And the two apps that have really helped me during this butterfly-like evolution are Venmo and the Bank of America mobile apps. Here’s why: ... Read More

Mobile App Projects Must Align With End-User Needs

Developing mobile apps is getting easier all the time. Mobile application development platforms offer low-code capabilities that let non-IT users create apps with the press of a few buttons, and the rise of enterprise mobility strategies is making such tactics enticing. Imagine a world where workers always have access to the apps they need – ... Read More

The Secrets to Getting Agile and Instantly Mobile

It’s been nearly 9 years (!!!) since the iPhone was released and the world was revolutionized by smartphones.   Now, we can do anything from those amazing devices in our pockets: share videos and pictures, manage our bank accounts, play immersive 3D games, even get turn-by-turn directions to our next appointment. Who would have thought?! ... Read More

It’s Never Just About the Mobile App

“Can Appian’s mobile app do this?” “Can you support this use case?” “Does it run on any iOS/Android device?” People ask me about Appian’s mobile capabilities all the time. What really catches my attention? What comes after…because it’s never just about the mobile app, right? Sure, it’s fantastic your field workers can access the data ... Read More