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Get to Know the Appian World Sponsors

In Washington, DC the sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up, and the kids finally have a full week of school with no snow days – it must be spring time! That also means Appian World is quickly approaching.  If you haven’t already registered to attend the BPM event of the year, you are ... Read More

Must Attend Sessions for Appian World 2015

We know we’ve made it tough on all of our attendees for Appian World 2015.   There are so many sessions to choose from covering such a wide variety of important topics that it will be a challenge to take it all in.  So here are some tips on what sessions to attend given your ... Read More

Get to Know Appian World Speaker, Dr. Michio Kaku

A renowned theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and TV personality will be addressing Appian World attendees this spring. To help you get to know him a little better, following are ten interesting things about the remarkable Dr. Michio Kaku. 1.) Michio Kaku is a physicist.  “I’m not a science fiction writer, I’m a physicist.” 2.) Michio Kaku ... Read More

Improve Processes and Deliver Change in a Digital Economy

So you have been doing process improvement initiatives for years. You have rolled out Lean, Six Sigma, and Kanban programs, created hundreds of process models, and even implemented workflow or Business Process Management (BPM) solutions in some parts of the organisation. Maybe you are just getting started and do not know where to begin. What’s next? Read More

Unsure About Appian World? 5 Reasons Not to Miss It

Appian World 2015: 5 Reasons Not to Miss It Appian World, the BPM innovation conference, will be here in no time. To make your decision to attend easy, here are five reasons not to miss it: Be Inspired Be inspired and learn from industry analysts Clay Richardson and Janelle Hill, who will share their insight on what ... Read More

The Digital (R)Evolution and Business Process Innovations

How is your organisation driving digital change in the time of disruptive new technologies, innovative business models, and global competitions? The annual Swiss BPM Forum will bring together more than 350 forward thinkers and process innovators on 5th March in Zurich, Switzerland. The one day conference provides opportunities for executives to learn about the latest ... Read More

Upgrading IT: Defining a New Approach to Custom Software Development

The word is out: IT professionals desire a new and improved way to develop custom software. That was the key takeaway from Appian’s recent omnibus survey. Fielding responses from 306 leading IT decision makers, the survey examined the trends and market opportunities in custom software and cloud-based application development platforms. But really? Custom software? That’s nothing ... Read More

Enterprise IT Solutions Hold Transformational Value for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Enterprise technology has its fingerprints across nearly every major industry. But, perhaps nowhere do we see this more evident than in the healthcare/life sciences space. When looking at the industries that have embraced enterprise IT, healthcare presents the most exciting opportunities for how technology and the human element of such advances can revolutionize operations. Modernized case ... Read More

New at Appian World: How-to Sessions

I’m a product guy, and I’m going to tell you a secret. I don’t like reading product release notes. Don’t get me wrong, when I use a product a lot, I’m always excited to learn about the newest features and latest releases and how I can take advantage of them. I just think there are ... Read More