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John Lewis   109208 317863c John Lewis Taps Appian to Transform the Employee and Customer Experience

I’m always overwhelmed whenever I walk into a Home Depot. Not because I’m not a handyman. I’m not too shabby with power tools, and I know my light bulbs given my experience in the clean energy industry.

No, it’s the kitchen and bath section. That place is scary! I can remember being a kid and spending hours at one of those stores watching my parents and a sales rep try to make sense of the mess that is custom home furnishing.

Makes me glad I still rent.

However, one leading retailer is doing some pretty impressive things with modern technology to help transform the customer experience.

John Lewis, the largest department store retailer in the UK, recently took the first steps towards modernizing these efforts by deploying their “Customer Project Management” (CPM) application. Using the Appian Cloud solution, CPM allows John Lewis employees (called Partners in the co-owned business) to accelerate how customer orders are managed and fulfilled for Fitted Kitchens, Floor Coverings and Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds. This new solution is part of the John Lewis ambition to further improve and optimize the customer journey through digitization, automation, data and analytics.

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blog photo Campus Recruiters Have All the Fun (Because Yes, We Really Do Have ALL The Fun)

From the moment I made my foray into the corporate world, I’ve been recognized as that recruiter: the recruiter who offers unsolicited professional advice to many students with whom she meets.

I can’t help myself.

It’s no secret that I am the loudest person in the room.

I can’t help myself:  I love my job. I repeat, I LOVE my job. But what’s more? I love Appian (and I love laughing).

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Appian BPM Training UK EU EMEA 1024x663 Announcing: New Appian Training Classes in London

As part of Appian’s international expansion to service our growing client base around the world, the company has committed to offering two standard training classes on a regular basis in London. “Customers and partners in the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) can now take advantage of this opportunity to receive training at a location closer to them”, said Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement. Medhat has also indicated that it is Appian’s intention to expand its training footprint and bring classes closer to the global Appian community. Initial class offerings and dates are below with plans to add additional courses in the coming months. More »

logo large red Appian Opens Doors to Expanded U.S. Headquarters

Appian is on to bigger and better things!

That’s the exciting news this week as we opened an expanded U.S. headquarters office in Reston, Virginia. The new location provides an additional 55,464 square-feet of office space to accommodate Appian’s continued growth across all departments.

In 2013, Appian hired more than 150 new employees. The company is on pace to exceed that number for 2014, having already hired more than 80 new employees this year. The expanded growth is increasingly important in our efforts the ramp up Professional Services, Engineering and Sales teams in response to the global demand of Appian’s unique Work Platform capabilities. We even have an entire floor dedicating to the Engineering and Technology development staff.

And yes, the Rubik’s cube sign successfully made the move as well.

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Since announcing Appian SAIL in the Spring of 2013, Appian has made great progress in pushing forward a revolutionary user experience.  Our mission at Appian is to remove complexity from technology and allow your organization to easily apply the latest technical innovations to your unique business challenges.  This Appian 7 product release represents a big step in fulfilling this mission.

Distant SAIL Boat Thin Summer SAIL ing With The Latest Appian 7 Product Release

As you may remember, Appian SAIL is a declarative user interface definition that leverages Appian’s rules architecture to generate interactive and dynamic user experiences.  Mobile and multi-browser compatibility are completely free to the designer, allowing organizations to focus on the exact user experience desired with the confidence SAIL interfaces will work automatically on all the most popular mobile devices and browsers…all with no additional development or testing.

Our latest release of Appian 7, now available on Appian Forum, makes additional advances to Appian SAIL, as well as to Appian social, designer, and administrator interfaces.  Highlights includes: More »

TopWorkplaces Appian Named to Top Workplaces 2014 by The Washington Post

To be successful at whatever line of work you fall into, there must be a passion for what it is you sell, improve or create. Our jobs can be tough, and there’s a reason it’s often referred to as “the grind.” If you don’t enjoy the work, waking up to a job can be pretty brutal.

Equally as important as what you do is where you do it. Our job is often the place where we spend the majority of our day, week, and sometimes weekend, so it’s important that we align ourselves to an organization of like-minded peers who share our passions. I’m a firm believer in that having pride for your employer ultimately yields better performance, resulting in a consistently growing business.

Appian was recently named a “2014 Top Workplace” by The Washington Post, recognizing its employee-friendly work environment committed to rewarding creativity and excellence. In addition, Appian received a special award for strategy, as our company mission was deemed compelling and clearly defined, working towards a common goal.

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aatw blog Accelerate Business Transformation with Appian Around the World

The road to business transformation is certainly a path less traveled. When taking the first steps towards modernizing an organization, things can be a bit unclear.

You needed BPM, but what does that mean? How do you get the entire organization to buy into the idea? What constitutes a successful mobile strategy? Is the business ready for Social?

These are just a few of the top line questions that are essential to address in the early stages of business transformation through modern enterprise IT. In order to harness individual workplace technologies, you must first understand how they work together as a modern Work Platform.

Later this summer, Appian will provide its expertise and understanding of today’s Work Platform during a nine-city international road show, Appian Around the World.

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IDC Mobile First Creating a Mobile First Enterprise

A mobile device tends to be the first thing most people see when they wake up (good morning, alarm) and the last thing they check before they go to bed. While there are tons of consumer mobile apps, there are far fewer enterprise business apps that help boost work productivity and revenue.

According to one source, there are 6.8 billion mobile phones in the world, which averages 97 phones per 100 citizens. The United States (US) has 103 phones for every 100 people while the United Kingdom (UK) is even higher at 123 phones per 100 people. IDC’s Mobile First Conference brings together leading analysts, thought leaders, and technology innovators to explore the complexity of mobility, development and adoption strategies for companies in the UK and across Europe. More »

kvcom contact global Appian Sponsors Gartner CIO & Executive Summit Berlin

Connecting people to business from anywhere at any time is a chief component of modern enterprise IT. This connection requires a successful mobile strategy, but that’s nothing new to anyone familiar with Appian. When I think about connectivity across the board, I look at the strength of an organization’s global presence.

With the excitement at Appian centered on the recent Appian World 2014 conference and continued product roll-outs, you may have looked past our continued growth around the world. With an extensive global customer base and continued demand for the Appian BPM Suite, we have continued to grow our global footprint over the last year with new offices opening in London and Frankfurt, Germany, and more on the way. The international market for Appian’s platform has expanded rapidly, and an emphasis has been made to provide a direct presence to organizations looking to transform business, regardless of their place on the map.

Appian’s global presence will be felt once again at the Gartner CIO and IT Executive Summit beginning today in Berlin.

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ap forum tips tricks ad 300x75 Best Practices: A New Tips & Tricks Webinar

Let’s face it. Mobile has become a way of life.

Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t have your iPhone….your Droid….your Galaxy within arm’s length?  A year ago?  Two? Five?

Mobile is now a lifestyle, and you don’t need IT analysts to tell you it’s blazed its way into the workplace.

So what’s that mean? It’s simple.  People work the way they live. As we’ve all become reliant on mobile technologies, we bring our devices to work.  We check our email from our phones, even sitting at our desks. We interact and collaborate.  We access information.  We take action…any time…all on our mobile devices. At home.  At work. At the beach.  At a sporting event.

“That’s great, Zach. But I thought this was a blog about the upcoming Tips & Tricks webinar.”

Yes….that’s correct.

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