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CEOs and organization leaders now more than ever are adopting a mobile strategy to align with their business. The onset of mobile devices is nothing new. Walk up and down the street or throughout your office, and just about everyone is flashing the latest iPhone, or Android.

What’s new is what these leading mobile devices allow us to accomplish when leveraged properly to conduct real work and interact with our colleagues. Armed with just a mobile device and a modern BPM app, company executives, managers and team members are conducting operations and making critical business decisions from anywhere at any time.

eWeek recently featured a slideshow presentation on how organizations across a range of industries are leveraging Appian Mobile technology to see business data, perform operational tasks and drive measurable business growth via mobile devices.

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Almost one year ago, Appian announced an exciting new direction for our user interface based on the Appian SAIL (Self-Assembling Interface Layer) architecture.  SAIL is a powerful framework that takes declarative UI definitions to generate dynamic, interactive, and multi-platform user experiences.  We first released SAIL as a general UI framework tool, but have since rapidly evolved the capabilities as well as started to deploy SAIL as the UI architecture for all of Appian’s next generation designer interfaces.

appiansail Setting SAIL with Appian 7

Appian SAIL is set to make big strides in 2014, providing not only a comprehensive end-user experience but as well powerful design tools that accelerate design and testing of new user experiences.  SAIL works along side our existing UI frameworks, such as our leading drag-and-drop Forms Designer and Appian Portal interface, making it easy to allow customers to adopt new SAIL interfaces into their solutions.

We are happy to be hosting a number of presentations at Appian World 2014 to help our customers and partners learn more about Appian SAIL’s capabilities and best practices.  Sessions include: More »

Spring is here, and if you are like me, you can’t get enough of the nice weather after what seemed like an eternity of winter. Warmer days mean plenty of sun, and before you know it, summer will be here! Like others, I enjoy traveling with family and friends during the summer months. But perhaps my least favorite part of the travel experience is getting through the airport. With what seems like never ending crowds, lines and delays, a destination just a short flight away feels like you have to cross oceans to get there.

Luckily for me and those impatient travelers, one airport is using modern technology innovations to improve process management and ensure the highest level of passenger service – at the world’s eight busiest airport. The USA Today recently profiled how airports are embracing technology to create a better customer experience, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is leading this charge as it strives to become the “Airport of the Future.”

DFW Blog 1024x397 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Leverages Technology to Ensure Customer Service Excellence

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Pharmaceutical companies operate in an increasingly complex regulatory and business environment where safety is the top concern. Drug development and the corresponding legal demand for documentation is a long running process requiring significant attention to detail.

The 6th annual World Drug Safety Congress is the leading event for drug safety regulators and service providers, and kicks off tomorrow in Boston for two days of industry knowledge sharing. The event’s strategic focus provides an insightful look at the detection, analysis and prevention of adverse drug reactions with case studies, industry experiences and global regulatory coverage of developments.

drug safety World Drug Safety Congress to Address Innovative Solutions & Challenges of Pharmaceutical Industry

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When it comes to mobile computing, there are often more questions than answers. What’s the right formula for making mobile part of the mission? Who should have access to a mobile device? What types of data and processes should be on a mobile device? Should mobile apps be designed natively or with HTML5? How do you secure the devices? These questions and more can cause CIOs to shy away from a mobile strategy, creating legacy business applications.

Appian is slated to sponsor and provide Mobile BPM expertise at GovLoop’s third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit, addressing  the “Innovations that Matter” and how to make process innovation a part of your agency. The Government Innovators Virtual Summit will feature six online trainings designed to educate, inform, and share best practices from government thought leaders, along with live interactive chats, CPEs, and opportunities to network with peers.

Mobile Tech Mobile Technology takes Center Stage During GovLoop Innovators Virtual Summit

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Gartner has released its new “Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites” report. You can view a complimentary copy here. Once again Appian is a Leader, providing the best combination of vision and execution on the market.

Gartner’s notion of “iBPMS” as an evolution of BPM suite technology is an extension of Gartner’s over-arching model of Intelligent Business Operations (IBO). IBO, in turn, is a reaction to two related phenomena: 1) the greater-than-ever business need for smarter, faster action, and 2) the advent of new technologies that can support that need by transforming IT and enabling new and superior ways of doing business. Gartner calls these new technologies the “Nexus of Forces,” and they are mobility, social collaboration, information (data), and cloud computing.

We’re putting iBPMS, IBO and the Nexus under a microscope at Appian World 2014. Not just around mastering the technology (although there’s plenty of focus on that), but also examining the business implications and opportunities arising from the technology. The event kicks off with a keynote from Gartner Managing Vice President and Research Fellow Daryl Plummer.

Plummer 2 iBPMS/IBO/Nexus of Forces   Make Sense of it All at Appian World 2014

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At Appian World 2014, you’ll hear some big announcements around our core product offering.  As our customers have seen, Appian has been rapidly building on a new architectural model that meets the demands of today’s modern worker.

AW14 3 Appian World 2014 New Product Announcements

Our quarterly release cycles over the past year are culminating in some big advancements in key areas, such as: More »

The era of digital business is here and organizations across all industries are developing methods to incorporate new work technologies such as mobile, social and big data. This is a disruption to traditional work and organizations that embrace these forces, adapt operations, and reinvent their business processes can harness this disruption to become leaders in the digital industrial economy.

Hot on the heels of Appian’s ranking as a Leader in Gartner’s new “Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites 2014″ report, Appian is proud to be an official sponsor of the Gartner UK Business Process Management Summit  (#GartnerBPM). The event begins tomorrow in London, where industry leaders will join together for knowledge sharing on how to align business with a successful digital strategy to drive growth and customer service. This summit will present new ideas of the digital revolution and attendees will learn the tools and techniques needed to modernize operations and reinvent legacy processes to ensure company objectives are achieved.

Gartner Summits Embracing the Age of Digitalization at Gartner UK Business Process Management Summit

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How does work get done at Appian? Learn to develop an application that changes how work gets done and leverage your BPM investment.

Appian Training is beneficial for all users; Business Analysts, Developers, Administrators. Learn how to efficiently apply, analyze, and develop BPM applications. The revamped courses help to achieve greater ROI by accelerating deployments of effective applications.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report last year on industry labor productivity trends from 2000 to 2010. According to the report, labor productivity rose for most industries. Improvements in information technology (IT) played a significant factor. Specific technologies that contributed towards the trend include hardware and software, mobile telecommunications, data communications, and the rise of the Internet. At a macro level, the trend is encouraging. If one were to analyze productivity and performance of companies within a sector at a more micro level, the spread of productivity growth may be more diverse.

US Productivity by Industry Going from Good, to Better, to Great: Secrets of Successful Companies


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