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Business and IT: How Can Your Analysts Bridge the Gap?

Have you ever worked on a team and thought the provided requirements were not clear enough to build the best possible Appian application? Too often, those responsible for demystifying requirements do not have the Appian experience to successfully map those requirements to features. This results in a major gap to be resolved by the project ... Read More

Moving Innovation Forward at NGMA 2015 Annual Grants Training

Regardless of the particular area of focus, grants management can be a timely and cumbersome process. Organizations that devote time and assets to the tracking, management and awarding of grants can no longer rely on manual processing to provide funding to consumers of the fast-paced digital marketplace. Across the public and private sector, grant providers must develop innovative and ... Read More

Agile, Modern Applications for the Government: GovLoop Innovators Summit Tackles Tough Challenges and New Opportunities

What do building business software and launching missiles have in common? It turns out, not as much as you’d think. Waterfall processes with long, complex requirements and testing cycles work great for large weapons initiatives but don’t allow government departments to deliver software quickly enough to meet rapidly changing mission and citizen needs. This problem ... Read More

Upgrading IT: Defining a New Approach to Custom Software Development

The word is out, IT professionals desire a new and improved way to develop custom software. That was the key takeaway from Appian’s recent omnibus survey. Fielding responses from 306 leading IT decision makers, the survey examined the trends and market opportunities in custom software and cloud-based application development platforms. But really? Custom software? That’s nothing ... Read More

Enterprise IT Solutions Hold Transformational Value for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Enterprise technology has its fingerprints across nearly every major industry. But, perhaps nowhere do we see this more evident than in the healthcare/life sciences space. When looking at the industries that have embraced enterprise IT, healthcare presents the most exciting opportunities for how technology and the human element of such advances can revolutionize operations. Modernized case ... Read More

BPM, Data, and More at Hamburg IT Strategy Conference

What are the top IT challenges and hot CIO  topics in Germany? For the second year in a row, Appian will return to the Hamburg IT Strategy Conference in Germany as a gold sponsor. This event is one of the largest IT Management and prestigious conference in Germany, bringing together more than 700 Chief Information ... Read More

Mashable’s 2015 Mobile Predictions

Mashable rounded up a group of mobile technology experts – including our CEO Matt Calkins – and asked for their predictions on what will happen in the world of mobility in the next 12 months. The story, “15 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2015,” is an interesting and far-reaching read that illustrates how deeply mobile ... Read More