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adam dunn1 Swinging for the Fences with Cloud + Mobile

It’s hard for me not to have baseball on the mind this afternoon. In just a few hours, the hometown Washington Nationals will look to extend their LEAGUE BEST 10-game winning streak against the San Francisco Giants. Hmm, no plans tonight, maybe I head on out to the ballpark.

I’m as equally crazy about the start of football, but baseball in August is pretty fun when your team is in a pennant race.

So what the heck does my fanatic rambling have to do with BPM?

Ever since Appian World 2014, our team has used a common baseball analogy to simplify our Work Platform. During his main stage address, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) CIO William Flowers had one of the best lines of the conference when discussing modern work technologies such as Social Collaboration, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. Said Flowers, “Any one of these technologies allows us to hit singles and doubles, but when I leverage all of these together, we can hit a grand slam.”

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Tropical Island 1024x640 Three Ways to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Modern BPM

There’s not much that tops Memorial Day Weekend. As I’m sure was the case for most, I celebrated the weekend with family, good food, and remembrance of those who protect our freedom at home and abroad. The three days of perfect weather were a bonus. But more than just the festivities of the weekend, Memorial Day symbolizes the unofficial beginning of summer!

Now is the time to look at the calendar and make those vacation plans to our favorite summertime destinations. Everyone seems to have that favorite family spot they visit every year, where new memories are made each time.

Though the yearly cruise or annual beach trip is a blast, recently my family and I have looked for summer alternatives. Our last trip took us down to the Florida Keys after a recommendation from some friends. We made a few soft plans, but pretty much went down south without much of an agenda and not knowing what to expect.

…And it was a blast! Talk about total relaxation (I’ve got some great recommendations on the best seafood in town if you’re ever headed that way). And this trip, which may become a vacation go-to, all started because we moved beyond our travel comfort zone and tried something new.

This got me thinking about BPM and businesses being hesitant to move out of their own IT comfort zones in adopting new and innovative technologies.

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worksocial circle BPM is Not What You Think...and Other Executive Pearls of Wisdom

If you’re new to Business Process Management, don’t let the name fool you. BPM is not what you think. 

Sure, it’s defined by leading analysts as the discipline of managing processes to continually improve agility and business performance outcomes. And yes, that’s where BPM’s roots lie. But, BPM—and the technology that enables it—is not limited to what has become an incomplete description.

BPM Addresses Unique Challenges. BPM technologies have expanded the traditional definition to encompass solutions to virtually any business challenge. Case management? Check.  CRM?  Check.  Content management…customer engagement…decision management…even enterprise-, industry-, or department-specific challenges? Check…check…check…check!  And, it’s all done expanding awareness and instilling knowledge to enable the smartest action.

The Result Fulfills the Promise of Real Business Impact. By converging data from across enterprise systems, providing context and social insight, and applying it all to process discipline, BPM today makes achieving successful outcomes quicker and easier.  And, since process discipline remains squarely at the core of BPM, those outcomes become not just sustainable, but predictable.

Here are some more quick-hit pearls of wisdom to expand your understanding of how BPM is evolving…

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Business Process Management software in the cloud enables strategic process improvement, reduced technology cost, and better alignment of IT with business goals. This new IT paradigm and business model can drive new growth opportunities, increase profit margins, and achieve more efficient missions for organizations across all industries.

During this past week’s Appian World user conference, cloud solutions for business process excellence were highlighted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances at AWS, was on hand to discuss the long-tenured partnership between Appian and the cloud vendor. Matsubara discussed the AWS offering as a prelude to customer presentations from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Punch Taverns, who are both using Appian Cloud solutions to integrate enterprise data, mobility and social collaboration to empower business and engage employees, customers and partners.

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Matt Richard Appian World Driving Results: Transforming Customer Engagement

A reoccurring theme thus far at Appian World 2014 has been customer service. From customer general session presentations to break-out sponsor booths, everyone seems dedicated to providing the best enterprise IT service to their customers, members or constituents.

Matt Richard, CIO of the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA), is driving a strategic initiative to overhaul legacy systems and modernize the union’s member management system with BPM. All of the union’s member outreach, organization, management and operations are governed by the system powered by Appian. Appian Vice President of Federal, Chris O’Connell, spoke with Matt this afternoon about LIUNA’s vision, the quick wins along the way, and how BPM is transforming the member (or customer) experience.

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DFW 40 Dallas/Fort Worth International Flies the Cloud to Build the Airport of the Future

As everyone can relate to, airports are a busy place, and sometimes we face delays that interrupt our travel experience. Luckily, process improvements at one of the world’s busiest airports have already begun to ensure a top flight customer experience for travelers.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), the world’s fourth largest operational airport and 10th largest airport in terms of passenger traffic (60 million), is using modern technology innovations to improve process management and ensure the highest level of customer service. At DFW, operations need to perform at a top notch level, as every major U.S. city is located within a four hour radius of the airport. The organization has embraced modern workplace technology to create a better customer experience, as the airport strives to become the “Airport of the Future.”

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During this afternoon’s Business Solution track sessions at Appian World 2014, Flowserve  representatives Anchal Augustine, IT Manager for Aftermarket, and John Bui, Program Manager for Special Aftermarket Projects, were on hand to share insights into their company’s BPM success story. Flowserve, the recognized world leader in supply pumps and services to the power, oil, gas, and chemical industries, has leveraged Appian’s work technologies of Mobile and Social BPM to create a modernized Pump Repair Process system, helping the organization serve a customer base of more than 50 countries.

Flowserve LOGO Building Solutions: Flowserve Connects Mobile & Social BPM to Drive Business Value


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Matt Calkins Appian World Matt Calkins Highlights Appian Customers Paving the Way for Innovation at Appian World 2014

Following Gartner Vice President  Daryl Plummer’s keynote address, Appian CEO and Co-Founder Matt Calkins took to the stage to highlight the exciting and successful past year at Appian. As Appian’s overall company growth continues to be impressive, Calkins chose this stage to focus on the recent BPM success stories for some of Appian’s top customers.

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Appian World 2014 is approaching fast. With input and participation from the Appian community, the agenda is looking great. Whoever you are – Business Analyst, Developer, Executive, or other – and whether you are just starting with BPM, expanding an initial deployment or managing an enterprise program, we have what you need. In addition to product training, best practices and tips & ticks sessions, a host of Appian customers will be sharing insights from their BPM journeys, both on the main stage and across the four conference Tracks.

One of the key mainstage presenters will be William Flowers, Vice President of Information and Technology Services at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. You may have seen the press release we issued earlier this month on DFW’s Appian Cloud program, and how it is supporting the airport’s drive to eliminate paper. The release has a lot of the program facts. In his presentation, Mr. Flowers will explain the strategic thinking behind those facts.

AW14 2 Appian World 2014 Spotlight: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport   dfw airport logo Appian World 2014 Spotlight: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
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The start of a new year can be summed up in one word: Evaluation. Whether it is to spend more time at the gym or take on a new hobby, you essentially evaluate where you finished the last year, and look to where you want to be in the year to follow. And there’s no better place for evaluation than within business application development.

Appian’s own Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley recently shared his thoughts with on how CIOs will need to align modern application development strategies for the new year. Michael doesn’t sugar coat it; if you’re going to create successful applications, you must incorporate cloud and mobile solutions or you’ll find yourself with legacy software. Rethinking existing business process systems to adopt a cloud and mobile strategy is the only sure way to build truly modern applications and avoid the legacy trap.

Mobile applications2 Copy Time to Do Away with Legacy Apps in 2014

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