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BPM, Cloud Portability Align to Foster Agile Operating Environments

An evolving cloud computing landscape is empowering organizations to operate more flexibly from a technological perspective. Add cloud business process management solutions that function as application delivery platforms into the mix and companies can be primed to turn technological adaptability into meaningful business agility. Using the cloud to foster business agility A recent First Post ... Read More

Public Sector Cloud Strategies Could Break Down Operational Silos

Cloud application development is giving government organizations new opportunities to leverage advanced technologies and services on an everyday basis. However, simply moving apps into the cloud isn’t enough to disrupt processes in a positive way. Business process management solutions are evolving to not only help public sector agencies streamline operations but also give them access to ... Read More

Get Smart: It’s IT Prediction Season

The signs of year’s end are here: Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping…and IT industry analysts are making their annual predictions for the future. I’ve read some recent pronouncements on the key IT trends for 2015 from IDC, Gartner and Forrester (sorry, but that last one’s behind a pay wall). All three lists are different, but ... Read More

Swinging for the Fences with Cloud + Mobile

It’s hard for me not to have baseball on the mind this afternoon. In just a few hours, the hometown Washington Nationals will look to extend their LEAGUE BEST 10-game winning streak against the San Francisco Giants. Hmm, no plans tonight, maybe I head on out to the ballpark. I’m as equally crazy about the ... Read More

Three Ways to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Modern BPM

There’s not much that tops Memorial Day Weekend. As I’m sure was the case for most, I celebrated the weekend with family, good food, and remembrance of those who protect our freedom at home and abroad. The three days of perfect weather were a bonus. But more than just the festivities of the weekend, Memorial ... Read More

BPM is Not What You Think…and Other Executive Pearls of Wisdom

If you’re new to Business Process Management, don’t let the name fool you. BPM is not what you think.  Sure, it’s defined by leading analysts as the discipline of managing processes to continually improve agility and business performance outcomes. And yes, that’s where BPM’s roots lie. But, BPM—and the technology that enables it—is not limited to ... Read More

Dallas/Fort Worth International Flies the Cloud to Build the Airport of the Future

As everyone can relate to, airports are a busy place, and sometimes we face delays that interrupt our travel experience. Luckily, process improvements at one of the world’s busiest airports have already begun to ensure a top flight customer experience for travelers. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), the world’s fourth largest operational airport and 10th ... Read More

Matt Calkins Highlights Appian Customers Paving the Way for Innovation at Appian World 2014

Following Gartner Vice President  Daryl Plummer’s keynote address, Appian CEO and Co-Founder Matt Calkins took to the stage to highlight the exciting and successful past year at Appian. As Appian’s overall company growth continues to be impressive, Calkins chose this stage to focus on the recent BPM success stories for some of Appian’s top customers. ... Read More