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aPaaS: What Is It and What Can It Do For Your Business

Application development platforms have rapidly gained momentum in recent years. Businesses, facing mounting pressure to deliver proprietary apps and services in response to the consumerization of the IT movement, have found themselves needing to transform around digital technologies. Creating proprietary apps and services has emerged as a primary solution here, but the complexity of developing ... Read More

Head in the Cloud? Things to Consider for Cloud Migration

If your organization is like most, it’s probably thinking about moving to the cloud. And it should…Organizations across the globe have been embracing the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of the cloud for some time now, and cloud computing has gotten sophisticated enough to create truly agile business environments. But, you might have some hesitations… How ... Read More

Meet Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud [Infographic]

Staying on top of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, as laws govern everything from fraud prevention and product labeling to shipping and storage processes. GxP standards are adding another layer of regulatory complexity as they push organizations to ramp up operations in light of the 21st century ... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Forget “The Cloud”

Way back in November 2014, we took a stand against “The Cloud.” Oh…it’s not what you think. Like you, we recognize the value of BPM cloud computing. And, that was as so 19 months ago as it is today. The Cloud can help your organization drive more innovation by transferring a focus on maintenance to ... Read More

BPM, Cloud Portability Align to Foster Agile Operating Environments

An evolving cloud computing landscape is empowering organizations to operate more flexibly from a technological perspective. Add cloud business process management solutions that function as application delivery platforms into the mix and companies can be primed to turn technological adaptability into meaningful business agility. Using the cloud to foster business agility A recent First Post ... Read More

Public Sector Cloud Strategies Could Break Down Operational Silos

Cloud application development is giving government organizations new opportunities to leverage advanced technologies and services on an everyday basis. However, simply moving apps into the cloud isn’t enough to disrupt processes in a positive way. Business process management solutions are evolving to not only help public sector agencies streamline operations but also give them access to ... Read More

Cloud Computing in Middle of Slight Uptick in IT Spending

Cloud computing, despite its maturation over the past year, is still capable of garnering plenty of headlines. In fact, the cloud may still only be in its early stages, as many IT leaders expect to have cloud-related plans taking up a significant chunk of their spending in the next year. A recent Computerworld study found ... Read More

How’s Your Cloud Migration Going?

I’m going to make a pretty safe assumption that your business is in the process of migrating an increasing amount if its critical infrastructure and services to the cloud. I mean, why wouldn’t it? The cost, time and resource benefits are proven. Gartner says that more IT dollars will be spent in the cloud as ... Read More

Utilizing Cloud BPM [Video]

An interesting thing happened when organizations began moving to the cloud - they realized that cloud deployment not only improved business agility - but also simplified operations. Read More

Get Smart: It’s IT Prediction Season

The signs of year’s end are here: Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping…and IT industry analysts are making their annual predictions for the future. I’ve read some recent pronouncements on the key IT trends for 2015 from IDC, Gartner and Forrester (sorry, but that last one’s behind a pay wall). All three lists are different, but ... Read More