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[Infographic] The Impact of Dynamic Case Management on the Customer Experience

A recent Forrester Research Study found that a “great customer experience means meeting customer needs across all interactions.” But how can businesses achieve this without having a central view of the customer throughout their journey? View the infographic below to learn how Dynamic Case Management and The Appian Platform can better equip your employees to ... Read More

Customer Experience Becoming Especially Vital in B2B Sectors

Acronyms ending with an “X” (UX, CX and even BX) have been gaining prominence lately. In all of these cases, the X stands for experience, and it definitely marks the spot where businesses can find buried treasure. User experiences, customer experiences and brand experiences all play a vital role in creating a coherent, powerful and ... Read More

Five Reasons Case Management is Making a Comeback

In the past, businesses focused on fulfilling cases as quickly and efficiently as possible. Case management used to mean adding, replacing, modifying, re-ordering data in a “case.” As consumer’s expectations evolved over time, so too did case management. Today, dynamic case management goes further. It is no longer about well-structured, highly-regulated known steps to get ... Read More

The Future of Knowledge Work

Did you meet Baxter at Appian World 16? Baxter might not be as smart as Lieutenant Commander Data. He’s definitely not as strong as the new FANUC M-2000iA/1700L that can lift 1.7 tons—the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people. And, he is certainly not as pretty as the robot “clones” on Orphan Black. ... Read More

Automation Empowers Lawyers to Take Case Management to Another Level

Process automation can be an invaluable tool as organizations work to streamline the tedious, time-consuming elements of their work. Business process management software can help companies identify their core processes, understand the data and decisions that go into these tasks, and intelligently automate operations. This topic came up in a recent panel discussion hosted by ... Read More

PHI Can Be Shared for Case Management – BPM Makes the Process Efficient

Sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) as defined by HIPAA regulations is an incredibly stressful and complex process. Healthcare organizations must be sure that data is moved to the right place and only viewable by people with proper authorization. This poses significant challenges when it comes to case management, but healthcare companies do have options. In ... Read More

BPM Tools Enable Insurance Case Managers to Eliminate Negative Perceptions

Insurance case managers, particularly those involved with workers’ compensation cases, get a bad rap as people who care about nothing more than cutting costs. The advanced case management practices enable by advanced business process management tools enable case managers to work in such a way that they overcome this perception. According to a recent Property ... Read More

Webinar: The Evolution of Case Management and BPM

Today’s most critical business processes extend beyond well-structured, predictable patterns supported by transactional systems and demand a more holistic, flexible approach. Success depends on multiple workflows, people, documents, data, systems and business rules all working harmoniously in tandem. These now widely recognized facts underscore why there is today such a strong and growing interest in ... Read More

Case Management Can Help Government Agencies Use Predictive Analytics

Business process management solutions are empowering public sector agencies to connect data and processes across organizational boundaries. This is proving incredibly valuable as government organizations strive to integrate big data into everyday operations – BPM tools provide the underlying infrastructure to help agencies customize apps and services to use big data efficiently. Such functions are ... Read More

Case Management: The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” —Albert Einstein Imagine you had incredible intuition. You had a great read on everything. You just knew the right path to success. How would your life change? What more could you accomplish? How would your business be impacted? In business, intuition could be an invaluable asset, especially considering ... Read More