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2 Pros and 2 Cons That Come With Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The mobile device revolution has come and gone with smartphones and tablets beating out more traditional computing systems for the mindshare of the general population. With mobile app development and mobility technologies on the rise, businesses have been left to contend with a diverse range of operating systems and device formats, creating development complexity that ... Read More

aPaaS: What Is It and What Can It Do For Your Business

Application development platforms have rapidly gained momentum in recent years. Businesses, facing mounting pressure to deliver proprietary apps and services in response to the consumerization of IT movement, have found themselves needing to transform around digital technologies. Creating proprietary apps and services has emerged as a primary solution here, but the complexity of developing apps ... Read More

Customer Journey: Look at Your Business from Customers’ Eyes

With customer experiences becoming more important than ever and the idea of the customer journey gaining momentum as a way to create cohesive experiences, businesses must consider how they are actually seen by customers. For many organizations, developing technological solutions and customer-facing content is a process of figuring out what functionality needs to be delivered ... Read More

5 Ways to Crush Your Digital Transformation Goals

With the constant acceleration of expectations, it almost doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, really.  All organizations will face growing pressure to operate at DIGITAL SPEED. To come out on top in this fast-moving environment… to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack, means taking your mobile app development game to ... Read More

Unleashing the Fantastic Power of Digital Transformation

Imagine, if you will, a world of wizardry…in a time not so long ago… in a place not so far away. A low-code wizard comes to town with a magical platform, and discovers a tribe of skeptics (called no-low-coders), who fearfully hide from the frightening menace of digital disruption.  It turns out that the wizard’s platform is ... Read More

Customer Experiences Central to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a period of sweeping change as digital technologies take hold across the sector. For a long time, the goals behind digital innovation came out of the industry itself, with initiatives focusing on reducing the cost of care, freeing clinical staff from clerical work, eliminating errors and improving ... Read More

Low-Code Fastbreak: How to Slam Dunk Your Digital Transformation Goals

The fastbreak…it’s one of the most exciting plays in basketball. A speedy transition from defense to offense…where players sprint down the court and score before the defense has a chance to set.  There’s a parallel in the digital economy, where the name of the game is speed. To compete and win, you need to stay ahead ... Read More

Customer Experience Becoming Especially Vital in B2B Sectors

Acronyms ending with an “X” (UX, CX and even BX) have been gaining prominence lately. In all of these cases, the X stands for experience, and it definitely marks the spot where businesses can find buried treasure. User experiences, customer experiences and brand experiences all play a vital role in creating a coherent, powerful and ... Read More

The Future Of Work And Customer Experience [Infographic]

The Future Of Work And Customer Experience Requires A Case Management Approach [Infographic] Would you say your customers are important? Of course you would. And so, it stands to reason that the journey they take—from the very first interaction with your organization to the experience encountered just last week—is critical, right? Certainly. So if perfecting ... Read More

Low-Code CX: Smoother Than a Fresh Jar of Skippy

Catchy musical hooks only need a few seconds to get stuck in your head. So let’s drop the beat on this Funtime Friday blog, with a low-code parody of Uptown Funk. A monster hit by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. And one of the funkiest Billboard Hot 100 songs ever…. Ahem…testing, one two, one two…testing, one two, ... Read More