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Mobile App Platforms Play Essential Role in Capturing User Attention

The application economy is transforming the enterprise as we know it. An App Annie study predicts that the global app economy will create annual revenues climbing to $101 billion by 2020. That figure is estimated to rest at $41.5 billion for 2016, meaning the market will likely double its value before 2020. What’s more, this ... Read More

Customer Journey: Look at Your Business from Customers’ Eyes

With customer experiences becoming more important than ever and the idea of the customer journey gaining momentum as a way to create cohesive experiences, businesses must consider how they are actually seen by customers. For many organizations, developing technological solutions and customer-facing content is a process of figuring out what functionality needs to be delivered ... Read More

There’s a Monster in Your Back-Office

Halloween is in the air. The back office monster is on the prowl to terrorize customers and end-users in every corner of your organization. But this is no scary creature from a Hollywood movie… Nope, it’s the complicated process management beast that controls everything in your organization, from procurement and billing to supply chain management and ... Read More

Consider the Entire Life Cycle When Choosing an App Development Platform

Application development platforms are gaining momentum as organizations strive to create proprietary apps quickly to become more responsive to industry demands. Cloud app development platforms, for example, can empower organizations to use low-code technology to create unique apps based on business demands without having to write millions of lines of code. Instead, they simply pick ... Read More