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Process Automation About More Than Staff Reduction

Automation often gets touted as a way to reduce the number of staff members organizations need to maintain in order to support everyday operations. While there are certainly some settings where this may be true, business process automation in the modern enterprise is focused more on supporting knowledge workers than finding ways to replace them. ... Read More

Process Automation Gaining Momentum In Business Efficiency Efforts

The term “robotic process automation” is increasingly being thrown around to differentiate between machine learning, deep thinking analytics software, industrial automation and the ability to script repeatable tasks and automatically move relevant data between sources. Robotics process automation (RPA) may be getting plenty of attention, but it is, essentially, the same type of automation that ... Read More

Know Thyself: BPM Success Begins With Internal Analysis

Investing in business process management (BPM) software positions businesses to refine and reconstruct everyday operations around the digital technologies that are transforming the enterprise. However, engaging in a project aimed at refining operations must begin with understanding the current state of your organization and the various procedural and technological issues that are impacting your employees. A recent ... Read More

Machine Learning Contributing to BPM Innovation

Automation is central to the conversation surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT brings connected devices together to gather large quantities of data throughout the enterprise. From there, software can automatically act on that data or send alerts to end users based on what information is discovered. Business process management (BPM) software has already ... Read More

How Agile Processes Provide the Freedom to Fail

FAILURE Now that I have your attention… What is it about that dirty word, that makes it so terrifying? Is it the loss of confidence it brings? Or maybe the financial implications it carries with it? Whatever the reason, fear of failure has been impeding brilliance for far too long. Fortunately, with the dawn of ... Read More

Funtime Friday: Leave it to BPM

In the most basic terms, Business Process Management (or BPM) software makes your organization operate more efficiently and successfully. What isn’t conveyed in this definition? Just how vital it can be to the inner workings of your organization. It’s kind of like the classic idea of a family. And what better classic family to compare ... Read More

Funtime Friday: Bust a Move on a New BPM Groove

Happy Funtime Friday! Over 25 summers ago, Young MC’s iconic song, “Bust a Move,” broke down musical barriers on radio and MTV playlists. Rolling Stone called the ground-breaking song “the hit that changed Hip-Hop…[an] inescapable, a G-rated funk-bomb integral to hip-hop’s eventual mainstream acceptance.” In the field of building easy, powerful enterprise business applications, you could also ... Read More

Consider the Entire Life Cycle When Choosing an App Development Platform

Application development platforms are gaining momentum as organizations strive to create proprietary apps quickly to become more responsive to industry demands. Cloud app development platforms, for example, can empower organizations to use low-code technology to create unique apps based on business demands without having to write millions of lines of code. Instead, they simply pick ... Read More

How Modern BPM Can Transform Your Business [Infographic]

The business process management world has changed a great deal in recent years. Modern, intelligent BPM software has become a fully-featured tool to drive efficiency across every facet of the digital and traditional elements of enterprise operations. The result is a technology that businesses can use to connect their people, data, and processes across business ... Read More

European Commission Effort Highlights App Development Challenges in Government

Public organizations the world over are facing pressure to ramp up their BPM application development capabilities. Mobile application development platforms play a critical role in streamlining and accelerating this process by empowering government organizations to quickly create custom apps and services tailored to their constituents’ needs. This functionality is particularly important when you consider the diversity ... Read More