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Business Rules: A Key Component of Digital Transformation Power

How many tasks does your organization complete on a daily basis? Chances are, more decisions are made by the hour than you can count! And the outcomes of these decisions? They drive and shape everything from optimizing internal operations to delivering great customer experiences. However, decisions don’t always follow the same path, and business is ... Read More

Mobile App Platforms Play Essential Role in Capturing User Attention

The application economy is transforming the enterprise as we know it. An App Annie study predicts that the global app economy will create annual revenues climbing to $101 billion by 2020. That figure is estimated to rest at $41.5 billion for 2016, meaning the market will likely double its value before 2020. What’s more, this ... Read More

Rethinking Business Process Management

Business. Process. Management. Which one of those words sticks out to you the most? Most technology professionals agree, BPM is all about process—designing a process, executing a process, optimizing a process, etc. That’s what BPM does. And these are critical processes…the kind that are at the core of the enterprise. That’s why management is key ... Read More

Customer Journey: Look at Your Business from Customers’ Eyes

With customer experiences becoming more important than ever and the idea of the customer journey gaining momentum as a way to create cohesive experiences, businesses must consider how they are actually seen by customers. For many organizations, developing technological solutions and customer-facing content is a process of figuring out what functionality needs to be delivered ... Read More

App Innovation Critical in Engaging Millennial Workforce

Millennials are gaining a stronghold in today’s enterprise. As individuals who grew up with access to internet-connected technologies become part of the workforce, organizations are facing mounting pressure to ramp up their app capabilities. Application development platforms can enable businesses to keep up with a demanding generation of tech-savvy workers, especially as these individuals demand ... Read More

Customer Experience Becoming Especially Vital in B2B Sectors

Acronyms ending with an “X” (UX, CX and even BX) have been gaining prominence lately. In all of these cases, the X stands for experience, and it definitely marks the spot where businesses can find buried treasure. User experiences, customer experiences and brand experiences all play a vital role in creating a coherent, powerful and ... Read More

App Platforms Vital as Mobility, Cloud Solutions Drive Innovation

Application development platforms offer organizations a combination of flexibility and control that is increasingly important as enterprise mobility and cloud strategies rise. Widespread use of mobile devices in the enterprise is combining with greater dependence on the cloud to create new management and governance challenges for IT teams, all while asking them to innovate at ... Read More

Business Process Automation About More Than Staff Reduction

Business process automation often gets touted as a way to reduce the number of staff members organizations need to maintain in order to support everyday operations. While there are certainly some settings where this may be true, business process automation in the modern enterprise is focused more on supporting knowledge workers than finding ways to ... Read More

Process Automation Gaining Momentum in Business Efficiency Efforts

The term “robotic process automation” is increasingly being thrown around to differentiate between machine learning, deep thinking analytics software, industrial automation and the ability to script repeatable tasks and automatically move relevant data between sources. Robotics process automation (RPA) may be getting plenty of attention, but it is, essentially, the same type of automation that ... Read More

Know Thyself: BPM Success Begins With Internal Analysis

Investing in business process management (BPM) software positions businesses to refine and reconstruct everyday operations around the digital technologies that are transforming the enterprise. However, engaging in a project aimed at refining operations must begin with understanding the current state of your organization and the various procedural and technological issues that are impacting your employees. A recent ... Read More