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2 Pros and 2 Cons That Come With Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The mobile device revolution has come and gone with smartphones and tablets beating out more traditional computing systems for the mindshare of the general population. With mobile app development and mobility technologies on the rise, businesses have been left to contend with a diverse range of operating systems and device formats, creating development complexity that ... Read More

aPaaS: What Is It and What Can It Do For Your Business

Application development platforms have rapidly gained momentum in recent years. Businesses, facing mounting pressure to deliver proprietary apps and services in response to the consumerization of IT movement, have found themselves needing to transform around digital technologies. Creating proprietary apps and services has emerged as a primary solution here, but the complexity of developing apps ... Read More

Low-Code App Platforms Drive Business-IT Alignment

The need for greater business-IT alignment has been a hot topic since the latter portion of the recession that hit the global economy in the late 2000s. Since then, many organizations have been driving innovation in order to create new revenue opportunities. To a great extent, these advances have come as new technologies have allowed ... Read More

App Innovation Critical in Engaging Millennial Workforce

Millennials are gaining a stronghold in today’s enterprise. As individuals who grew up with access to internet-connected technologies become part of the workforce, organizations are facing mounting pressure to ramp up their app capabilities. Application development platforms can enable businesses to keep up with a demanding generation of tech-savvy workers, especially as these individuals demand ... Read More

Development Tools Play Vital Role in Cloud Choices

Cloud application platforms have been gaining considerable momentum in recent years as organizations work to change the way they roll out new apps and services. Business process management (BPM) software is evolving around this trend, creating a situation in which organizations can transform their operations around digital technologies. Enterprise IT requirements have changed considerably in ... Read More

Win Digital Gold with Low-Code

It happened again last week. Asked what I did for a living, I cheerfully answered, “I do marketing for an awesome high tech company.”  And then, I blurted out “our software is the Michael Phelps of digital innovation.” “Huh,” my conversation buddy said. “What do you have to do with the most decorated Olympian of ... Read More

Consider the Entire Life Cycle When Choosing an App Development Platform

Application development platforms are gaining momentum as organizations strive to create proprietary apps quickly to become more responsive to industry demands. Cloud app development platforms, for example, can empower organizations to use low-code technology to create unique apps based on business demands without having to write millions of lines of code. Instead, they simply pick ... Read More

European Commission Effort Highlights App Development Challenges in Government

Public organizations the world over are facing pressure to ramp up their BPM application development capabilities. Mobile application development platforms play a critical role in streamlining and accelerating this process by empowering government organizations to quickly create custom apps and services tailored to their constituents’ needs. This functionality is particularly important when you consider the diversity ... Read More

Low-Code App Development Platforms Driving Innovation, Security Advances

The mobile revolution is well underway in enterprise settings, creating an operational climate in which apps are at the center of the workplace. As apps gain a stronghold in businesses, organizations need to rapidly develop new solutions and get them out to end users. Low-code development is emerging as a key innovative enabler here, as ... Read More