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Rethinking Business Process Management

Business. Process. Management. Which one of those words sticks out to you the most? Most technology professionals agree, BPM is all about process—designing a process, executing a process, optimizing a process, etc. That’s what BPM does. And these are critical processes…the kind that are at the core of the enterprise. That’s why management is key ... Read More

The Building Blocks for Agile Transformation

Being able to rapidly adapt to change is a necessary, fundamental principle in today’s constantly changing face of Federal Government. This year at Appian World 2017 in San Francisco, take the opportunity to become more effective when handling an ever-changing environment using agile methodology during our federal Agile training. Agile methodology, especially when teamed with ... Read More

User Interfaces: Beauty is in the Eye of the End-User

Your organization’s IT team deploys a new business app that promises to “increase productivity, boost innovation, and enable digital transformation.” The capabilities of this app far surpass the previous tool, and its mobility empowers users to get work done anytime, anywhere. On paper, the app is exactly what the organization needed. In reality? The app’s ... Read More

Discover Effective Integration Strategies

The new year often sparks the motivation to clean and remove clutter. In that spirit, take a look at your organization’s architecture. Are there dozens (or more) of disparate systems, each with a specific purpose? —and specific data and processes? Do you notice redundant applications or systems? —that offer little or no value to an ... Read More

Head in the Cloud? Things to Consider for Cloud Migration

If your organization is like most, it’s probably thinking about moving to the cloud. And it should…Organizations across the globe have been embracing the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of the cloud for some time now, and cloud computing has gotten sophisticated enough to create truly agile business environments. But, you might have some hesitations… How ... Read More

San Francisco (I’ll Meet You There With Powerful Software)

Ah, San Francisco. The City by the Bay. Just under 50 square miles, this hilly, urban city is widely recognized as the most technologically innovative place in the country…if not the world! Since the founding of Hewlett Packard spurred the Silicon Valley tech boom in the 1960s, to the flourishing entrepreneurial startup culture that thrives ... Read More

Digital Transformation Industry Tracks at Appian World 2017

Your path to digital transformation might not have as many twists and turns as San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street. Even so – just as when navigating the crookedest street, the more informed and prepared you are, the faster your way forward. That’s why you should make your journey include Appian World 2017, where we have expanded our Industry Tracks ... Read More

8 Ways to Set Your Digital Transformation Journey in Motion

A simple Google search for “digital transformation” returns a solid eight million results. But, what exactly does it mean? And, what does it take for an organization to achieve it? For those interested in getting a grasp on digital transformation, do not miss the upcoming Appian World event in San Francisco. From Monday, April 3rd ... Read More

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation at Appian World 2017

Appian World 2017 is the single destination for everything you need to accelerate meaningful digital business transformation. Learn how to fast-track your digital transformation with The Appian Platform in the infographic below. Register today and join us in San Francisco! Learn More & Register » Read More

The Building Blocks for Agile Transformation

You Won’t Want to Miss This: Agile Training Added to Appian World 2017! User stories, backlog grooming, sprints, acceptance criteria… Sound familiar? Agile development is among the most efficient and popular methodologies in tech today, driving project delivery success by focusing on speed, adaptability, and continuous feedback. Working in short, iterative cycles means organizations can ... Read More