Tips & Tricks Webinar: Understanding & Applying Appian 7.3 Features

Appian 7.3 provides additional mobile and enterprise social collaboration capabilities on a single modern software platform for Business Process Management (BPM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM). This significant software release delivers new features to benefit Appian users, designers, and system administrators who depend on our innovative BPM software to transform how they work.  Please register for the Tips and Tricks Webinar this Thursday, December 5th, at noon EST to understand and apply key 7.3 Appian BPM features.

End users can now search for records, directly download document attachments from news entries, see pending work items in custom task dashboards, and more. Designers have new SAIL (Self-Assembling Interface Layer) components, rules and expression functions to create dynamic record, report, and task dashboards that render across web browsers and mobile apps. The latest release also includes updated system and new multilingual support, additional monitoring capabilities and numerous security enhancements. Please see the Appian 7.3 Software page for feature highlights and access to complete release notes if you are a customer or partner with Appian Forum membership.

This Tips and Tricks Webinar will focus on a few key features in the 7.3 release as a follow-up to the Product Announcement Webinar, which provides a comprehensive overview of the release and is available on demand in Appian Forum. Attend this webinar to understand and learn how to apply new 7.3 features in your BPM application. In this one hour session, Jodan Maneval, Appian Consultant, will discuss how you can:

  • Create dynamic, interactive record and report dashboards that display on all major web browsers and mobile devices
  • Enable users to gain faster access to information with embedded grid and chart links
  • Leverage new display fields and SAIL components to decrease application design time

As with other Tips and Tricks webinars, this is free and open to all Appian Forum members. If you are not a Forum member already, apply today to access the tools and information you need to enhance your BPM journey.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing