BPM Software Fights Unemployment – Hear the Story at the IRM BPM Conference Europe

Last year, I blogged about our customer Pinnacle People, and how they are using Appian for BPM-based case management to help unemployed people in the U.K. get back to work. Pinnacle People will be presenting their case study as part of the IRM Business Process Management Conference Europe 2011, June 9-10 in London.

This is the type of customer story that really makes my day: BPM being used for social good. It is similar to another one I’ve blogged about, the Wounded Warrior application on the U.S. Army’s Army Knowledge Online (AKO). That one is designed to speed the rehabilitation of U.S. soldiers injured overseas. Interestingly, both of these applications take a Dynamic Case Management approach. I think the common thread is the complexities inherent in dealing with human interactions. Obviously, the stakes are raised when those interactions are focused on things as serious as health and livelihood.

If you are planning to attend the IRM conference, I hope you’ll seek out Pinnacle People’s presentation, so you can experience what I’m talking about for yourself. Appian is a sponsor of the event as well, so stop by our booth for more information.

If you can’t make it, you can read an excellent case study on Pinnacle People’s application by MWD Advisors’ Neil Ward-Dutton. Download it here.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications