Appian Developer Tips and Tricks Webinar – June 24th

Calling all Appian Developers!

Appian is proud to announce the first in an ongoing series of monthly webinars highlighting Appian Tips and Tricks for Appian Developers and Process Modelers.

Each of these webinars will feature presentations, training, and sample demonstrations from the Appian Technology staff who contributed to building the feature in discussion.

In our first Tips and Tricks session, Brett Shomaker, Appian Program Manager, will explain the new Appian 6 Plug-in architecture and demonstrate the creation and deployment of an Appian 6 OSGi Smart Service.

OSGi Plug-ins have proved to be a hit across the Appian Developer community.  The Appian OSGi Plug-in architecture allows developers to rapidly create custom extensions and integrations to the Appian Process Modeler and Rules environment and easily hot-deploy these extensions to any Appian environment.

Since the introduction of Appian OSGi Plug-ins, Appian Forum has already come alive with several free, open-source extensions that range from automatic reading of RSS feeds and HTTP requests to new identity management and user manipulation functions.

Appian is looking for all Appian Developers to start contributing with new innovative Plug-ins, so we are sweetening the pot with a summer developer contest around OSGi Plug-ins.

Appian is inviting all Appian customers and partners to submit their best and most innovative OSGi Plug-ins through Appian Forum.  We will be giving all valid entries a $20 Best Buy gift certificate and the winner will receive a new Apple iPad.  For details on the contest and how to develop an Appian OSGi Plug-in, please join us for the June 24th Tips and Tricks webinar.

Registration is available on Appian Forum.  Hope to see you there.


Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management