Webinar: DISA Explains Streamlining DoD Procurement with BPM Software

There’s been a lot of discussion on this blog about using BPM software to fix one of the biggest obstacles to improved government efficiency and transparency: outmoded acquisition and procurement processes.

On May 18, at 11:00am EDT, you have an opportunity to experience what next-generation federal acquisition and procurement really looks like.

Register today for a live webinar with the Marvin V. Griffin, Enterprise Architect at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Mr. Griffin will discuss and demonstrate the DISA Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization’s (DITCO) DISA Enterprise Procurement System (DEPS) for telecom procurement.

DEPS is built on Appian’s Acquisition Business Management (ABM) solution. ABM is a flexible and complete end-to-end solution that allows federal purchasing organizations to get more out of limited resources by providing a single web-based system for customers, contractors, and administrators to manage all purchasing and contracting activities.

DISA faced increasing challenges with aging systems, limited functionality, and reduced visibility, resulting in incomplete reporting and planning into their acquisition processes. Attend this live Webinar and learn how DISA is using the Appian solution to:

  • Achieve results in months vs. years: Incremental implementation approach provides the flexibility to address areas of greatest need first
  • Avoid the expense of ‘rip-n-replace’: Seamlessly work with existing systems and reduce costs
  • Gain process transparency: Open information perpetuates accountability and improvement throughout the acquisition process

In addition, you will see the solution in action via a live demonstration and have your questions answered by a panel of experts.

If you are a federal procurement professional looking for a flexible solution to meet your unique needs, you can’t afford to miss this webinar!

Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications