Tips & Tricks Webinar on Data Design for Success

The concept of “Information highway” has been around for 25 years 1 and the volume of data has grown exponentially since then. It is no secret that information, intelligence, and analytics are driving today’s knowledge-based
economy. However, too much information gets lost and forgotten. Business intelligence with limited context leads to confusion and poor collaboration. Accessing analytics with no ability to take immediate, meaningful actions means delays in making a business impact. Enterprise data accuracy, integrity, and security are additional challenges that could lead to significant problems, if they are not managed and controlled properly.

While big data2 is a hot and important topic, processes determine the flow of data, provide context for collaboration and action. Think of processes as highways that route information to different destinations and to different recipients. We now need “information processing highways” to provide some structure and control to the massive data that we generate and consume daily. Want to learn how the leading innovator in BPM combines data and process? Join us for a free webinar on Data Design for Success using Appian’s BPM software.

Instead of dumping big data on end users, data-centric Business Process Management (BPM) considers what type of information users need, then design an application around it. Instead of wasting 61 percent of their day lost in information3, knowledge workers with access to a modern BPM software application will have access to just the right information for them to do their job, when they need it.

Modern enterprise applications need to incorporate data and processes to address complex, dynamic requirements, and evolve with the organization. Appian provides a powerful enterprise platform to create modern BPM and case management applications with complex data types and intelligent processes. Understanding and implementing effective data design establish the foundation to build flexible, scalable modern process applications for high performance.

Join us for a free webinar on Data Design for Success using Appian’s BPM software. Seasoned Appian consultants will cover the following topics to help you understand how to build the right data foundation for BPM applications:
– Data Roundtrip Architecture in Appian
– Multiple Data Relationship Types for Different Scenarios
– Powerful JPA Annotations for Rapid Data Transformation
– Design Considerations for Application Performance
– Master Data Management Best Practices and Methods

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Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

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