The Transformative Power of Worksocial for Business

Are you stuck in a work rut? Perhaps you are tired of dealing with another pile of paperwork, sifting through tens or hundreds of emails to find that one you need, waiting to hear back from your colleague with that customer information, or not knowing what when your purchase request will be approved. No wonder nearly 20% of time spent online is on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular sites became the modern escapes from work that people do from their desk and from their smartphones.

What if work gets social? You will be able to check status updates, upload and share content, approve or reject requests like you would with friends and followers. Except these would be a multi-million dollar sales opportunity you’re monitoring, a global supply chain contract that’s going through rounds of client and legal reviews, or a new data center service request. Furthermore, imagine having the ability to execute and work from your phone while you are at a client meeting, at the supplier’s factory in a foreign country, or at a facility thousands of miles away from your office.

Welcome to worksocial – where real work gets done in a social way. Backed by more than a decade of experience in improving how enterprise work, an award winning product with numerous analyst accolades, innovations in cloud, mobile, and social BPM, and more than 3.5 million users worldwide, Appian makes worksocial real and achievable.

Please join us on August 15 for “The Transformative Power of Worksocial for Business.” In this free webinar,  Malcolm Ross, VP of Product Marketing at Appian, will demonstrate and discuss how the Appian BPM Suite helps organizations turn the Social and Mobile revolution into real business value by:

  • Bringing measurable meaning to social in the enterprise, and its impact on work
  • Allowing access to any corporate data, and action on that data, from any device (mobile phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop)
  • Driving efficiency through a single integrated “work automation + social collaboration” user experience

Worksocial is the next evolution in Appian’s history of market-leading innovation – and the next stage in how work gets done and how enterprise technology supports it. Register for the webinar today and download the new whitepaper on worksocial to  learn how worksocial can transform where…and how you work.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing