See Social BPM In Action at Appian World 2011 – April 13th – April 15th

Over the past year, there has been much buzz about “Social BPM” but also much confusion.  Here’s a quick list of notable posts and articles on the topic.

The topic continues to garner more attention, such as an upcoming whitepaper by Sandy Kemsley, but market awareness of “Social” enabled BPM platforms is very low.Social BPM

I’ve interacted with many people asking,

  • What is Social BPM?
  • What Features make a BPM platform Social?
  • Why do I need this?

It’s sad to say that many vendors have further confused the market by just globbing on the “Social” term to their BPM offering for Google SEO purposes or just to adopt the latest catch phrase.  It’s a shame, because Social BPM really does mean something definitive and can deliver real value to your organization.

Appian has taken a hard look at how Social concepts prevalent in the consumer market can drive real value inside an enterprise organization.  What Appian has come up with is truly the most intuitive BPM user interface to hit the market.  It is an interface that does not just enable, but rather, promotes and encourages collaboration amongst process participants.   Social BPM though is not just about collaboration, it’s about easy access to information, encouraging open communication between process participants, and connecting people in process in a way that could not have been predictively modeled.  Appian’s latest release captures all these Social BPM concepts in an intuitive interface available over the web or on every major mobile platform.

If you would like to see this for yourself, we invite you to join us at Appian World 2011.

On April 13th through 15th we’ll be hosting one of the largest BPM conference events in Reston, Virginia (just outside Washington D.C.).  The Appian World BPM conference is free and open to all who would like to attend.  Among our key themes for this conference will be Social BPM, featuring detailed product demonstrations, customer panel discussions and a featured presentation by Philip Philippides of Cognizant.

Cognizant Presentation:

“Seeing Through the Fog: How BPM and Social will Create the Future of Work”
Philip Philippides, Director Customer Solutions Practice, Cognizant

Although the conference is free and open, space is limited, so please register early.  We only have a few more weeks left and the remaining seats are filling up quickly.

Hope to see you there.

Malcolm Ross

Director, Product Management