Mastering the Customer Journey

“If you build it, they will come!”

Remember that quote from the movie Field of Dreams? It’s a call to arms to pursue your passion. If you truly believe you are building a great product, customers will come in droves to appreciate it.

But, ever wonder…How will your customers get there?

If we believe the Hollywood version, you can build a fantastic baseball field in open farmland, miles away from the nearest city, and still…people will come. Of course, that’s Hollywood’s version, and not reality.

In reality, we know even if we make a great product, we must understand the journey our customers will take to discover our product offering. This requires us to step out of our normal role and into the role of the customer of our own product. We must becomes masters of our customer journey.

To master the customer journey though, we must also master all the interactions between people, processes, and data that allow us to fluidly do business with our customers. Every touchpoint presents an opportunity…or a roadblock.

In today’s digital world, mastering the customer journey is about mastering our customers’ digital experience. In an upcoming webinar, BPM-CON XV with Integration Developer News, I’ll be exploring just that. This webinar will feature insightful tips on taking the customer perspective, as well as applications of BPM and Case Management technologies to help you master the customer journey.

Registration is open, we hope to see you there.

Malcolm Ross, VP, Product