4 Steps to BPM Project Success

The new breed of intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) Suites includes powerful social, mobile, cloud, and analytics capabilities. Innovative technologies provide the platform to transform how we work and accelerate business growth, but that’s half of the BPM journey. Implementing BPM for successful enterprise adoption requires strategy, execution, expertise, and continuous commitment.

Join us on Thursday, April 11th to explore these strategies in an insightful webinar on the Four Steps to BPM Project Success. I will be hosting the webinar and moderating questions. In addition, I will share how combining work automation and social collaboration improves visibility, coordinated action, user participation, speed of decisions and executions. 

Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement at Appian, will then discuss key behaviors that lead to BPM Success.  Medhat has over 14 years of project implementation experience. He has led and overseen hundreds of successful client implementations across industries at Appian. He will demonstrate how to overcome common challenges in scaling process innovation across the enterprise, then deliver tips and metrics to prioritize the right BPM projects (especially for that critical first project).

In addition, Medhat will distill complex processes and methodologies into four key elements to implementing transformative applications. In this one hour webinar, learn how to:

  • Create a strategy and roadmap to achieve process excellence

  • Build the foundation for enterprise transformation with successful project execution

  • Implement with proven methodologies and best practices from experts

  • Assure project rollout success, user adoption, and continuous performance

Register and attend this webinar to learn proven, repeatable secrets to any BPM success, from project to program.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing