Tips & Tricks Webinar: Appian Labs for Continuous BPM Project Success


There is no silver bullet in continuous business process improvement. Similar to other enterprise projects, you need to invest in experts, resources, and technology over time. You will also need a clear strategy and measurable goals, backed by practical tactics and supported by performance benchmarks.

As the organization evolves and grows, the same Business Process Management (BPM) application and resources that served you well three or five years ago will be dated and slow to keep up with increasing demand. Given how quickly technologies change today, BPM applications need regular checkups and tuneups to ensure optimal performance.

Whether you’re building your core BPM team, using a partner to build applications, or relying on Appian for turn-key solutions, Appian Labs will ensure continuous success in your BPM journey. Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement at Appian, will join us for a Tips and Tricks Webinar to share with you how the Appian Labs program can help get your BPM project to the next level.

Appian Labs includes monthly reviews by Architects from Appian’s Center of Excellence to assess application performance throughout the year. Customers will receive benchmark reports and recommendations to see trends, identify potential issues, and get guidance every step of the way with these offers from Appian Labs:

  • Comprehensive BPM application reviews and analysis by top experts from the Appian Center of Excellence
  • Benchmark against five key performance categories (Infrastructure, Configuration, Application Design, User Experience, and Skills Center) to see trends and identify potential issues
  • Tailored reports with risk categorization and recommended actions completed by elite Appian Architects with visibility to all stakeholders


Register today and join the free webinar on September, 26th, 2013, to learn how Appian Labs can help your organization:

  • Reduce risk or barriers to success
  • Increase visibility into project performance
  • Ensure higher quality solutions
  • Achieve fastest path towards self-sufficiency
  • Improve efficient use of BPM budget
  • Align right resources to the right projects
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

As with other Tips & Tricks webinars, this is free and open to all Appian Forum members. If you are not a Forum member already, apply today to access the tools and information you need to enhance your BPM journey.


Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing