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Almost one year ago, Appian announced an exciting new direction for our user interface based on the Appian SAIL (Self-Assembling Interface Layer) architecture.  SAIL is a powerful framework that takes declarative UI definitions to generate dynamic, interactive, and multi-platform user experiences.  We first released SAIL as a general UI framework tool, but have since rapidly evolved the capabilities as well as started to deploy SAIL as the UI architecture for all of Appian’s next generation designer interfaces.

appiansail Setting SAIL with Appian 7

Appian SAIL is set to make big strides in 2014, providing not only a comprehensive end-user experience but as well powerful design tools that accelerate design and testing of new user experiences.  SAIL works along side our existing UI frameworks, such as our leading drag-and-drop Forms Designer and Appian Portal interface, making it easy to allow customers to adopt new SAIL interfaces into their solutions.

We are happy to be hosting a number of presentations at Appian World 2014 to help our customers and partners learn more about Appian SAIL’s capabilities and best practices.  Sessions include: More »

At Appian World 2014, you’ll hear some big announcements around our core product offering.  As our customers have seen, Appian has been rapidly building on a new architectural model that meets the demands of today’s modern worker.

AW14 3 Appian World 2014 New Product Announcements

Our quarterly release cycles over the past year are culminating in some big advancements in key areas, such as: More »

As a computer scientist at heart, I always enjoy getting into the challenges and successes of building cool and innovative solutions. This is why one of my favorite aspects of Appian World is the chance to network with fellow developers and discuss the latest cool features in the Appiann platform.  For this upcoming Appian World on April 30th to May 2nd 2014, we have planned some great sessions lined up for all the developers to hone their skills and learn some of the latest concepts and features on the Appian platform.

AW14 3 Appian World 2014 Developer Sessions

Sessions for developers include: More »

2013 was a fantastic year for Appian.  Appian had a break-out year in terms of market adoption and recognition (we’ll share more details on that later this month).  Appian though is continuing to aggressively invest back into our single core product, the Appian Suite.  From these investments, we have seen Appian evolve into a modern Work Platform capable of powering the core operations of a diverse set of organizations and processes.

appian 7 new business process management software Appian Kicking Off 2014 With a New Product Release

In this latest release of Appian 7, we continue to advance our core features for social engagement, dynamic user interfaces for the web and mobile, integration into enterprise systems, and BPM task management.

Some of the highlights include: More »

Appian is proud to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of Appian 7.    This Fall 2013 release of Appian continues to extend Appian’s commitment to delivering   the leading work platform, integrating enterprise data discovery, social collaboration, business process management, and native mobility.

appian 7 new business process management software Announcing Appians Latest Product Release

This release of Appian 7 builds upon key features, including: More »

First, we at Appian would like to thank everyone for attending Appian World last week. Every year the Appian World conference grows with exciting new case studies from new Appian customers and of course new features to learn in the ever evolving Appian platform.

If you missed Appian World 2013, we have made available keynote sessions and main session track presentations on the Appian YouTube account.

Appian Youtube Appian 7 Product Announcement Webinar


Coinciding with Appian World, Appian has announced Appian version 7.2.  Appian 7.2 continues to expand Appian’s leading capabilities in Mobile and Social BPM along with expanding user access to enterprise data and reports.  On May 16th Appian will be hosting a series of webinars in various locales to walk through each of the new features and changes in Appian 7.2.  This webinar is intended to provide administrators, designers, business analysts and end users using Appian a clear understanding of the Appian 7.2 release along with product demonstrations of key features. More »

Appian’s global user conference continues to grow in depth and size each year, but this year we will need to start limiting access to key events due to the volume of early registrations.

Our pre-conference training sessions at Appian World are rapidly filling up and very soon there will be no seats available for key sessions.  We had planned to have 100 seats available for each of the 4 sessions, but set a hard cap at 120 per session based on max room capacity for a total of 480 potential seats for the pre-conference training.
Appian World 2013 Almost Sold Out Appian World 2013 Pre Conf Training Almost Sold Out

As of today,  367 of those 480 seats (76% full) are spoken for with half of the sessions already exceeding the originally planned 100 seats.

The pre-conference training classes will be led by Appian product experts with detailed tutorials and guides on key aspects of Appian.  Topics and currently available seats include: More »

Appian is very excited to again be hosting a presentation by EDP Renewables at Appian World 2013.  EDP is not only among the most innovative companies in the energy market today, but has utilized the Appian BPM platform in innovative ways to optimize their organizational efficiency.

EDP AW13 Lean Startup Techniques for Rapid BPM Success

In Appian World 2012, EDP shared a presentation on “Extreme Collaboration” and their use of Appian to drive dynamic task prioritization and increased collaboration in the repair and maintenance of wind turbines throughout North America.  If you missed last year’s presentation, full recordings are available on Appian’s YouTube channel. More »

The Social Business Software (SBS) industry has come to a fork in the road.  All the cool features, collaborations, discussions, and status updates have reached their day of reckoning.  Chief executives are looking at their multi-million dollar technology investments in social business software and asking “What value is this bringing to my enterprise?”.

Unfortunately, the SBS industry is struggling to give a good answer.  Jive is claiming to have the best answer, proudly declaring that Jive customers achieve a 2-4% increase in revenue. This statement though reminds me of the Simpsons episode “Much Apu About Nothing”.  In the episode, the town of Springfield setups up a Bear Patrol, and bear sightings disappear.  Lisa tries to demonstrate the issue with their logic by offering Homer a Tiger Repelling Rock.  Homer quickly accepts the rock and determines the rock must be working as there are no tigers around.

understanding social business software roi Social Business Software, ROI and the Tiger Repelling Rock

And now Jive would like to use that same logic to imply their software leads directly to revenue generation, that correlation implies causation.

More »

Last year I put together these two videos to help those new to Appian quickly learn how to access the Appian Process Modeler and Appian Reporting.  These two areas of Appian are a fundamental part of Appian for both creating your initial process solutions and enabling continuous process improvement in your organization.  The Process Modeler and Reporting tools are both delivered as an intuitive web-based design environment for rapid creation of process solutions.

If you need to get up to speed quickly on these key components of Appian, then I hope you find the below video introductions useful.

Play Intro Process Model Your Quick Guide to Appian Modeling and Reporting

Play Appian Reporting Your Quick Guide to Appian Modeling and Reporting


Of course, these are just two of the many areas More »