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Appian BPM Training UK EU EMEA 1024x663 Announcing: New Appian Training Classes in London

As part of Appian’s international expansion to service our growing client base around the world, the company has committed to offering two standard training classes on a regular basis in London. “Customers and partners in the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) can now take advantage of this opportunity to receive training at a location closer to them”, said Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement. Medhat has also indicated that it is Appian’s intention to expand its training footprint and bring classes closer to the global Appian community. Initial class offerings and dates are below with plans to add additional courses in the coming months. More »

IDC Mobile First Creating a Mobile First Enterprise

A mobile device tends to be the first thing most people see when they wake up (good morning, alarm) and the last thing they check before they go to bed. While there are tons of consumer mobile apps, there are far fewer enterprise business apps that help boost work productivity and revenue.

According to one source, there are 6.8 billion mobile phones in the world, which averages 97 phones per 100 citizens. The United States (US) has 103 phones for every 100 people while the United Kingdom (UK) is even higher at 123 phones per 100 people. IDC’s Mobile First Conference brings together leading analysts, thought leaders, and technology innovators to explore the complexity of mobility, development and adoption strategies for companies in the UK and across Europe. More »

Appian 107 Cheapside London UK Appian Continues UK Expansion with New Offices and New LeaderOn the heels of a successful Appian World conference, the market leader in modern business process management (BPM) and case management software moves into new offices in the City of London. As a major global financial hub, the London Stock Exchange and headquarters of many financial services, insurance, and professional services are based in the City. Appian’s new London office space is in 107 Cheapside, a flagship business center in the heart of the City near the Bank and St. Paul’s underground stations.
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As the Appian BPM customer and partner base grows, the need to enable a growing community becomes more important. The Center of Excellence (CoE) from Appian Professional Services has been providing experts, best practices, training and other enablement. In order to provide additional engagement opportunities with users, the CoE team created Appian Labs to provide a more direct path to our team of BPM experts, enable executive level project assessment and visibility; provide proactive guidance to help our customers plan ahead, lower risk, and accelerate delivery of their BPM projects.

appian bpm services Maximizing Success with Appian Labs

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Living and working in a modern world means increasing dependence on mobile applications to get information, share content, take action from anywhere, anytime. As modern BPM software company, Appian constantly pushes the innovation edge to deliver intuitive, responsive enterprise software that is easy to use and available on any mobile device. If you are not able to access content, process, records, reports, and other critical information from any major web browser and mobile device platform, it is time to evolve the technology and the work platform.

Appian BPM mobile screens 1024x513 Transition from Portal to Tempo for Modern and Mobile Apps

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AW14 Conference Mobile App Get Ready for Appian World 2014 and Explore New Features in the Mobile Conference App

Appian World 2014 is only one week away and conference registration closes this Friday. Register today before it is too late to attend Appian’s premier BPM conference in Washington, DC. The two-day conference features speakers from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to share how they are using Appian BPM to power their modern enterprises. In addition, attendees can choose from multiple tracks and concurrent sessions that fit their BPM learning curve, whether they are just Getting Started, Building Solutions, Achieving Excellence with a Center of Excellence (CoE) for BPM, or focused on Driving Results for the business.

The Appian World conference app is also back with more features to help conference attendees access information, provide feedback, and collaborate with peers from their mobile devices. Appian works with all the popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The Appian mobile app also runs natively on iPhones, iPads, Android  phones and tablets. We encourage all attendees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) when they attend Appian World and take advantage of these features, including: More »

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report last year on industry labor productivity trends from 2000 to 2010. According to the report, labor productivity rose for most industries. Improvements in information technology (IT) played a significant factor. Specific technologies that contributed towards the trend include hardware and software, mobile telecommunications, data communications, and the rise of the Internet. At a macro level, the trend is encouraging. If one were to analyze productivity and performance of companies within a sector at a more micro level, the spread of productivity growth may be more diverse.

US Productivity by Industry Going from Good, to Better, to Great: Secrets of Successful Companies


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At Appian, we are passionate about continuous process improvement. The desire to constantly make things better and improve processes permeates the company, from the product we develop, to how we service our clients, how we work internally, and how we grow as a company. The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) came from an awareness that Appian can do more as a company to promote, retain, and attract female employees. After initial knowledge gathering and discussions with key stakeholders, Appian launched the WLP with two remarkable women as founding leaders: Annelise Dubrovsky and Amy Henley. More »

According to research by the Mobile Research Council, the top IT concerns1 in 2014 are as follows: Big Data Analytics Mobile Cloud Security Address Top IT Concerns and Accelerate the Pace of Business at Appian World

1. Managing big data and analysis

2. Mobilizing the business

3. Security

4. Cloud computing deployment and strategy

4. Governance and compliance More »

The US economy grew at 3.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, but the overall growth for the year was only 1.9 percent1. While the unemployment rate in the US has decreased to 6.7 percent in December last year2, it remains high and there are still millions of job seekers. So what are the hottest jobs in technology now?

IT tech engineering jobs Hot IT Jobs and Skills in 2014

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