Low Code, High Impact: Digital Transformation Webinar with Appian and Forrester

By now, you’ve probably gotten the memo: your organization needs to deliver tons of innovative applications to engage customers, run the business effectively, and adapt to a rapidly changing technology landscape. Also, you need to deliver these apps fast – preferably yesterday – and without sending your IT budget through the roof.

Unfortunately, this memo did not explain how exactly to reach such a digital paradise, and many IT organizations are struggling to meet increased expectations and demands. Simply throwing more money, people, and hardware at existing development methodologies (most notably custom coding) isn’t enough to make the leap. In fact, according to a Gartner study, per-developer productivity has actually decreased 22% in the past 4 years despite all of the cool languages and frameworks available to talented programmers. Exiling all your servers to the cloud will help save on infrastructure time and cost, but won’t fix the entire application delivery lifecycle.

Real digital transformation – delivering next-generation applications across all channels in an efficient and repeatable way — requires a platform approach. Specifically, a platform that replaces traditional code with model-driven design, providing building blocks for common needs such as integrations, business logic, security, and omni-channel user interfaces. The business gets fully custom applications in a fraction of the time, because developers aren’t starting from scratch.

The upcoming webinar, How Low-Code Apps are Driving Digital Transformation, explores the rise of the low-code platform as a means to rapidly develop and deploy business applications. Industry experts John Rymer from Forrester and Lizzie Epstein from Appian will explain how a low-code platform can make your developers more efficient; your customer experience more distinctive; and your applications scalable, modern, and engaging.

View our On-Demand webinar and learn about:

  • Why modern businesses need custom applications
  • How adopting a low-code platform can transform your development processes
  • Key features of a low-code application platform
  • Customer success stories: building innovative apps on a low-code platform

If you’re a technology or business leader thinking about the future, this webinar is for you!

Lizzie Epstein, Director of Platform Marketing