CoE: Can you find the treasure?

treas·ure trove


a hidden store of valuable or delightful things.
plural noun: treasure troves
"your book is a treasure trove of unspeakable delights."

Imagine this.

You’re a modern-day treasure hunter.

You explore far-off, beautiful, treacherous places in search of that unspeakable windfall.

You often tempt fate, risking life and limb for that one-of-a-kind find you know is out there.

And, while you may have clues, you wish you just knew precisely where to look, who to ask, what to do. “It would be so much easier that way,” you think.

What if it were that easy?

What if that treasure trove was right in front of your eyes?

What if it were hidden in plain sight?

For Appian customers and partners, it is.

If you’re an Appian Forum member, I hope you’ll attend the next Tips & Tricks webinar, “The Center of Excellence Treasure Trove.” We’ll be joined by Appian Center of Excellence (CoE) architect, Sylvain Furt, and we’ll review immediately available CoE tools and guidance you may not be aware exist, including:

  • New plug-ins
  • Powerful applications
  • Best practice resources and more!

Mark your calendar. The live, 60-minute webinar will take place Thursday, September 3 at 12:00 Noon EDT. You can register by clicking the excessively large yellow button below or by visiting this page.

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I hope to see you online!

Zach Messler


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