Big Data in Motion

We’ve all watched the trends and heard the news reports. Every device is now a connected device, and the result is going to be a BIG DATA EXPLOSION! Get ready to have more insights into customer buying patterns, mobile device use, traffic…and the list goes on and on and on!

But the dirty little secret? Many are still trying to make sense of all this data and what to do with it.   

Will we just create more pie charts and bar graphs?  

Will we just drill into even more details from high-level reporting dashboards?

That just doesn’t seem very exciting, does it?

The real revolution in Big Data will occur when we tie Big Data with our processes and create truly intelligent systems.  

In an upcoming webinar with Integration Developer News, I’ll be exploring this very topic and sharing insights into how organizations can take advantage of Big Data with BPM to create an Intelligent Business Operation.

This is an exciting time for BPM as we evolve past human-centric processes to more intelligent and automated systems powered by the knowledge of Big Data architectures.  

I hope you can join me on February 25th for this free online webinar session. It should be fun!

Malcolm Ross, VP, Product