Will You be Joining Custom Curt at Appian World 2016?

Curt is an IT Executive who saw the need to build custom business applications in order to meet the unique needs of his organization. Unfortunately, actually building these apps took so long (and blew the budget) that by the time they were close to completion they were already out of date.

Now, he has a number of critical projects that the business is relying on – and he’s quickly realizing that the functionality his enterprise needs cannot be bought off the shelf.

Custom Curt turned to Appian and reserved seats for him and his team at Appian World 2016 to learn how they  can leverage Appian’s BPM-based  Application Platform to create custom apps that are easy to build, use, and change; powerful enough to behave exactly as the user prefers while still being secure; and unified with institutional processes, data, systems, and people.

He’s taken a look at the agenda and thinks their time in Washington, DC will be well spent in sessions such as:

  • Mastering Application Development Lifecycle
  • Productive, Efficient, and Effective Application Design
  • Creating Reliable, Scalable, and Fault Tolerant Appian Deployments
  • Maximize Your Appian Investment through Appian Cloud
  • Can You Really Go from Idea to Solution in less than 2 hours? (Yes)
  • Agile Application Delivery: Build, Transform, Repeat

May 11-13, 2016 will come quick and Curt is confident Appian World will help even more projects cross the finish line – fast.

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