How Will You Approach the Industry Cornucopia?

Appian World 2016: How Will You Approach the Industry Cornucopia?

Unless you live under a rock…

Um…Perhaps that’s too harsh. 

If you have a tween or teenage son or daughter, then you no doubt are familiar with the Hunger Games, first a trilogy of novels by science fiction writer Suzanne Collins, and then a series of films starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, and Stanley Tucci, among others.

In the first film (and book), we learn of the Games themselves. Twenty four “tributes,” randomly selected from each of the twelve districts making up the dystopian, post-apocalyptic nation of Panem must participate in the Hunger Games: a gladiator-like competition to the death, the winner of which brings honor back to their District.

Key to survival? How the very first interaction with all the other participants is navigated…how they approach the Cornucopia.


The Cornucopia is home to an embarrassment of riches for these games. Supplies and weapons galore are right there for anyone who wants them.

The catch? You need a plan.

There is just too much to grab. And, how and when you go after its riches can determine if you can succeed or fail in the Hunger Games.Cornucopia

While it may seem like a stretch. It reminds me a bit of Appian World and the wide array of Industry-specific sessions.

Now, I can assure you, there will be no battles…no fear…certainly no blood at the annual Appian customer event. But the riches are there for the plundering if you plan.

On Friday, May 13, you can feast on the Cornucopia of Industry expertise, as Appian customers and experts share their experiences overcoming specific challenges in a variety of industries:

  • Financial Services: Make more sense out of FinTech and the revolution it has spawned.
  • Insurance: Hear from an Insurance industry analyst, and get unique perspective on why and how to be an adaptive insurer.
  • Life Sciences: Attend multiple sessions to learn how leaders are addressing compliance, Pharmacovigilance, go-to-market challenges, and more.
  • Healthcare: Learn how one institution has redefined their revenue cycle management processes and what that’s meant for their success.
  • Government: Gain insights on how to modernize systems and processes so past mistakes are never repeated.

Attend these sessions and the odds can be ever in your favor.

I hope to see you in Washington DC in May.

Zach Messler

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