Rethinking Business Process Management




Which one of those words sticks out to you the most?

Most technology professionals agree, BPM is all about process—designing a process, executing a process, optimizing a process, etc. That’s what BPM does. And these are critical processes…the kind that are at the core of the enterprise. That’s why management is key for increasing productivity, driving down operational costs, and ultimately growing the business. So of course… BPM is all about process.

While traditional methods emphasize process and view data as mere artifacts, this process-centric way of thinking about BPM can unintentionally create a dilemma. A separate process for customer service. Another process for operations. A different process for governance, risk, and compliance. And so on…

Data gets lost and scattered throughout these disconnected processes, without clear visibility of the data’s interactions and touchpoints across the enterprise. Employees find it hard to find the right information, and customers are frustrated with poor service.

But what if there was a better way to implement BPM?

To fully reap the benefits of BPM, treat process and data as equally important. Look to unify process and data in a single location. In this paradigm, BPM is much more than straightforward process management…and it certainly blows the doors off of basic workflow management.

Optimize your BPM strategy.

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Kamna Talwar

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