Meet the Appian Product Team at Appian World 2016

Did you know the term “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” came from horse racing?

It’s true! If someone wanted to know how a horse was going to perform in the next race, who better to tell you than the horse himself! It’s a great idiom from the early 20th century that rings true in any context.

So, if you ever wondered….

  • What is the next big trend in mobile?
  • What is the future of Tempo?
  • How is Appian Cloud evolving?
  • What’s the next big thing with Appian Sites?
  • What tools is Appian planning to maximize Agile software delivery?

…you can hear it “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” at Appian World 2016.  

At this year’s Appian World, you can experience a full line-up of product sessions, providing insights on the latest Appian release, as well as training to hone your Appian skills.

Notable sessions include:

  • Creating Amazing User Experiences for Every User in Your Enterprise
  • Productive, Efficient, and Effective Application Design in Appian
  • Quick Build to Quick Deploy: Realizing Agile Product Release Management in Appian
  • Delivering the Secure, Empowered, and Mobile Enterprise
  • Test for Success: Leveraging Native and 3rd Party Testing Tools with Appian
  • Connecting Appian to Your Enterprise
  • Maximize Your Appian Investment through Appian Cloud

And, we have a few surprises, too! Of course, pre-registered attendees of Appian World will be first to learn the details.

But, don’t just come for the sessions. Key Appian Engineering and Center of Excellence staff will be available to help you master your skills through networking and sharing their deep knowledge of building Appian solutions. It’s that inside knowledge and networking that makes Appian World the MUST attend event in 2016 for any Appian practitioner.

So check out the latest agenda and don’t forget to register by February 29th to take advantage of our early bird discount.

I hope to see you there!

Malcolm Ross, VP, Product