Maximizing Success with Appian Labs

As the Appian BPM customer and partner base grows, the need to enable a growing community becomes more important. The Center of Excellence (CoE) from Appian Professional Services has been providing experts, best practices, training and other enablement. In order to provide additional engagement opportunities with users, the CoE team created Appian Labs to provide a more direct path to our team of BPM experts, enable executive level project assessment and visibility; provide proactive guidance to help our customers plan ahead, lower risk, and accelerate delivery of their BPM projects.


Appian Labs deliver benefits to executive sponsors, project managers, and application designers of Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives to maximize business value, plan and deliver successful Appian applications, ensure best practices for application design. By providing Appian Architect’s expert support, continuous assessment in all BPM project or program phases, regular reports to identify risks and offer recommendations, Appian Labs help our clients succeed.

Customers will also benefit from an Appian Labs architecture review to provide assessment on the technology infrastructure, application configuration, BPM methodology, BPM design, integration with third party systems, and performance. Furthermore, regular reviews throughout the BPM application development cycle can help validate the implementation, ensure responsiveness and scalability of the design, monitor operational health, usage, and performance.

Lastly, Appian Architects will provide guidance to satisfy business requirements, follow proven architecture design, leverage appropriate product features, and conduct performance reviews before deployment. In addition to expert analysis provided by Appian Architects, Appian Labs utilize data collection and analysis tools from the Center of Excellence to inspect over one hundred checkpoints in every review, providing faster and more comprehensive reviews than visual inspections.

If you missed this session at Appian World and want to learn more, please download the presentation from Appian Forum, our BPM community for customers and partners. Please visit our website or email to contact Appian’s Professional Services and the Center of Excellence.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing