Low-Code Vs Zombies: The Escape Room Survival Guide for Digital Transformation

Ignoring digital transformation is like a virus…A ZOMBIE VIRUS

      A menace that infects businesses, and eats away at productivity…

               Zombification that turns entire industries into walking corpses that don’t even know they’re dead…

                         Will your industry…your organization…your business be next?…

                                   Or, will you find a cure at Appian World 2017, and escape the HORROR OF THE ZOMBIE HERD?

Ground zero: San Francisco, April 3 to 5.

The Zombie Escape Room at Appian World 2017.

You’ll have to think fast to stay alive in this interactive doomsday adventure.

A deadly virus is threatening to destroy the business world as we know it. There is no refuge…no cure…nowhere to hide.

Your only hope? Get to the Zombie Escape Room at Appian World…uncover clues, and build an app to neutralize the virus before it escapes. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders, as you use brain power and Appian to save the world from DOOM!

So how can you prepare for business disruption that metastasizes like a zombie virus? What are the warning signs? And, what can you do to survive and thrive? Two words: low code. To harness digital transformation and neutralize the zombie threat, low-code is not just an option. It’s a necessity.

7 Warning Signs You Need a Low-Code Cure:

  1. All those systems you installed five, ten, twenty years ago? They simply can’t keep up with ever-changing customer expectations. That makes it so much tougher to win new customers, let alone keep more of the ones you already have.
  2. You want to capitalize on new business opportunities. But, you can’t build apps fast enough to take advantage on them. This is a real headache. And not the kind you want to deal with when your company’s growth is at stake.
  3. You urgently need top-notch software developers. But it’s getting increasingly difficult to find and retain them.
  4. You call the shots on business operations, but you’re too busy tracking down data from every corner of your organization to step back and see the big picture. And your employees? They spend what seems like more time looking or finding than actually doing.
  5. As a business process leader, your job is to deliver cohesive, mobile, omni-channel user experiences. But, you worry about the fractured customer experiences created by your legacy systems…which don’t talk to each other.
  6. You operate in a heavily regulated industry. And you’re struggling to stay on top of fast-changing, complex regulations. This constantly puts your compliance at risk.
  7. Your IT organization is constantly slammed with business demand. As usual, staff and resources are limited. And you worry about the menace of Shadow IT. It’s a real problem.

If your organization has lost its innovation mojo…if your company is limping along… it could be infected by a zombie virus and not even know it. In the Zombie Escape Room, you’ll learn how to reverse the effects of zombie infection.

Digital transformation is the ultimate antidote.  Perhaps this is why 87% of Global 2000 companies reported having digital transformation projects underway or planned for 2017, according to a recent LTM Research survey.

It could also be why 54% of these respondents ranked digital transformation as their #1 corporate priority.

Fortunately, digital transformation is being adopted at a rapid rate. Researchers at IDC predict that by the end of this decade, the percentage of enterprises with advanced digital transformation strategies will more than double. CIOs will increasingly spend more of their budget in support of digital transformation, according to Gartner. And low-code approaches will play a major role in neutralizing the zombie menace.

The Zombie Escape Room may not be the last word on the zombie genre. But, it drops the mike on the gamification of digital transformation.  Don’t take my word for it. Experience Appian’s first-ever Zombie Escape Room for yourself. 

Join us at Appian World 2017, for this exciting digital transformation spin on saving the world from a zombie apocalypse.


Roland Alston