Going from Good, to Better, to Great: Secrets of Successful Companies

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report last year on industry labor productivity trends from 2000 to 2010. According to the report, labor productivity rose for most industries. Improvements in information technology (IT) played a significant factor. Specific technologies that contributed towards the trend include hardware and software, mobile telecommunications, data communications, and the rise of the Internet. At a macro level, the trend is encouraging. If one were to analyze productivity and performance of companies within a sector at a more micro level, the spread of productivity growth may be more diverse.

As companies face more pressure to grow top line revenue, control bottom line cost, and increase profit, the need to get more done with less becomes a matter of survival. Many companies have done this successfully with workflow automation and Business Process Management (BPM). Rather than hiring more resources to shuffle papers and documents around for sign-off, wasting time on multiple reviews and delays, and re-keying the same customer data in different applications, successful companies have found ways to leverage digital technologies to work more efficiently.

If you want to learn how Fortune 500 companies and government agencies are leveraging BPM to improve how they work, increase effectiveness, and save time and money, attend Appian World. This premier BPM conference will feature luminary industry analysts and thought leaders, as well as practical sessions that will show you how to get started in BPM.

Here’s a highlight of sessions in the Starting the Journey track for attendees who are new to business process management:

  • BPM Fundamentals by Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors. An introduction to the world of Business Process Management software and its application across a range of work styles in today’s organizations.
  • Powering Your Enterprise with Appian by Tony Durso, VP of Solutions Consulting, Appian. Learn about Appian’s powerful BPM Suite and ways to leverage it to power your enterprise.
  • How to Create Your First Appian App by Terri McCormick, Senior Trainer, Appian. Attend this session to see how you can create a functional BPM application with data, content, process, web and mobile form, participants, and alerts with Appian.
  • Jumpstart Appian Projects with Community Resources by Phil Russell, Solutions Consultant, Appian. Learn how to leverage extensive asset libraries and powerful plugins in the Appian Forum Community for rapid project development.
  • Exploring Exploratory Work: Event-Based Case Management by Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors and Rick Bivin, Senior Solutions Consultant, Appian. Hear Appian can provide a single platform for Case Management, a work style that combines structured process with ad-hoc collaborative “exploratory” work.

Take action today and get started on that BPM or Case Management project. Contact us to  learn how Appian can help you achieve your goals this year. Lastly, do register for Appian World to hear from our customers, partners, and experts to help you along in your BPM journey.


Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing